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Le Pen Appeals to Russian Banks for Funding; Putin Orders Probe of Prisons After Torture Complaints

Marine Le Pen, head of the French far-right National Front, has appealed to Russian banks to fund her election camp as she is sued over a previous loan from the now-bankrupt Czech-Russian Bank.

Rocket Launches from Vostochny After Several Delays; State Censors Wants to Regulate Mobile Internet

April 28, 2016

Russia launched a missile from the Vostochny space center finally after several days of technical problems and the personal intervention of President Vladimir Putin who visited the site.

Despite His Offensive Moves, Putin is Now Playing Defense in Europe, Oreshkin Says

February 24, 2016

Putin Engages in Nuclear Brinksmanship Because His Military is So Backward, Felgengauer Says 2016-02-24 19:31:29 Staunton, VA, February 24, 2016 – Vladimir Putin has revived nuclear brinksmanship as a method of statecraft because the Russian military is so far behind the level of NATO forces, according to Pavel Felgengauer. In fact, in any clash between the two, […]

Russia Update: Le Pen Visits Moscow

May 26, 2015

French actor Gerard Depardieu, now a Russian citizen, will give a concert in Donetsk, the self-proclaimed “People’s Republic of Donetsk” cultural official announced. Two concerts are also planned by Russian performer Iosif Kobzon, also a Russian-backed separatist reporter. Welcome to our column, Russia Update, where we will be closely following day-to-day developments in Russia, including […]

Russia and Front National: Following the Money

May 3, 2015

A new leak of the text messages originating from a hacked smartphone of a high-ranking officer of Russia’s Presidential Administration sheds further light on the relations between the Russian authorities and their far-right allies in France. The hackers from the Anonymous International have disclosed thousands of text messages sent to and by Timur Prokopenko, deputy […]

Ukraine Live Day 411: 3 Ukrainian Soldiers Killed, 2 Wounded By Shelling

April 4, 2015

Yesterday’s live coverage of the Ukraine conflict can be found here. An archive of our liveblogs can be found here. For an overview and analysis of this developing story see our latest podcast. Please help The Interpreter to continue providing this valuable information service by making a donation towards our costs. For links to individual […]

The Far-Right “International Russian Conservative Forum” to Take Place in Russia

March 10, 2015

The Russian fascist Rodina (Motherland) party that was founded by Russia’s current Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin is organising a large conference titled the “International Russian Conservative Forum” (IRCF) to be held in St. Petersburg on 22 March 2015. According to Kommersant‘s journalist Grigory Tumanov, the following European organisations are taking part in the conference: […]

Putin’s Orthodox Jihad

December 27, 2014

Yesterday Russia announced a revised military doctrine, signed by President Vladimir Putin, that names NATO as the Kremlin’s main adversary and clarifies that Russia’s military reserves the right to respond to conventional threats with both nuclear and conventional weapons. This is no big change, since it only amplifies existing doctrine, but its explicit emphasis on […]