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Aurangzeb, Putin, Realism and a Lesson from History

March 7, 2016

How a medieval Indian emperor explains today’s ruler of Russia Vladimir Putin is apparently an enigma, who plays chess when others play checkers, who deals with foreign policy and domestic policy just as smoothly and aggressively as a Judoka’s natural mix of brute force and finesse. His inner circle is closed and cocooned, no one […]

Moscow Brings Its Traditional Divide-and-Rule Approach Back to the Three Baltic Countries

July 7, 2015

Staunton, July 1 – A call by some Duma members for the Russian government to review and declare illegal the Soviet government’s recognition of Baltic independence in September 1991 has attracted widespread attention and concern as an indication of Moscow’s intentions but ultimately ridiculed as otherwise meaningless grandstanding. But there are other straws in the […]

Moscow’s Moves in Georgia Intended to Cut off Central Asia and China from Europe: Regional Expert

November 13, 2014

Staunton, November 13 – “The victory of pro-Russian forces in Georgia would be a catastrophe not only for Georgia,” Gela Vasadze, the head of the Svobodnaya Zona portal, says, because that development, one actively promoted by Moscow, would also cut off Azerbaijan, Central Asia and China from a land route to Europe bypassing Russia. Vasadze’s […]