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The Ukrainian Military Could Be Walking Into Another Trap Like Donetsk Airport

March 29, 2016

Throughout August and the first days of September of 2014, Ukraine was faced with an urgent crisis. The Russian military was invading the Donbass with tanks, rocket launchers, artillery units, anti-aircraft systems, armored personnel carriers, spetsnaz soldiers, and other equipment. In order to solve the crisis and bring about a ceasefire, the Trilateral Contact Group on […]

The World Is Less Safe Than It Has Been Since The End Of The Cold War

March 24, 2016

Originally published on March 23, 2016, revised on March 24, 2016. The crises in Ukraine and Syria have undermined the geopolitical balance that has kept us safe for generations It’s perhaps an outdated cliche that voters do not care about foreign policy. Thanks to the horrific news in Brussels, terrorism in Paris, the chaos in […]

Putin has Brought the World to ‘the Brink of War’

December 14, 2015

Staunton, December 12 – By his orders to the Russian army to respond “harshly” to any challenge to them in Syria, Vladimir Putin has brought the world to “the brink of war,” in the words of Wacław Radziwinowicz, the Moscow correspondent of Warsaw’s influential Gazeta Wyborcza. The Polish journalist points out that Putin’s order for […]

Most Russians Want War, Always Have and Always Will, Nevzorov Says

October 15, 2015

Staunton, October 15 – In an interview with Radio Poland’s Artem Filatov, Aleksandr Nevzorov, former host of the Russian TV program “600 Seconds,” argues that Russians are predisposed to want war, and indeed it would have been impossible to “zombify” 86 percent of Russians into supporting Vladimir Putin and his aggressive policies if Russians weren’t […]

A Sober Look at Russian Military Trends

July 9, 2015

Russia is the unquestioned aggressor in Ukraine. It has built up powerful forces all along its borders with NATO members in Europe, to the point where it enjoys a very visible conventional superiority against them there. Recently, NATO’s new chairman said that the Russian military could overrun the Baltic States in just two days. Furthermore […]