Ukraine Liveblog Day 223: Explosions Throughout Donetsk and Attacks on the Airport

September 28, 2014
Donetsk 28 September 2014.

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For the latest summary of evidence surrounding the shooting down of flight MH17 see our separate article: Evidence Review: Who Shot Down MH17?

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Lenin Statue Falls in Kharkiv

A pro-Kiev rally has been going on today in Kharkiv, and has lasted into the late evening.

The livestream is here.


Translation: Kharkiv is cool.

Translation: Gerashchenko maintains that the police will go on working as it did yesterday.

Translation:  Happy Holiday, Kharkiv!!!

Translation: color of the flag.

Just now, people began to tweet that the Lenin statue was toppled.

Translation: The idol fell nose down to the ground. The head broke into pieces.

A video was uploaded to YouTube titled “Video of the Falling of Lenin Kharkiv Leninfall They Knocked it Down!

Russian-backed Fighters Fire Grad Missiles from Residential Area in Dokuchayevsk

These two videos are from the same event yesterday, September 27, where Russian-backed fighters were seen firing Grad missiles from a residential area in Dokuchayevsk.

The first video was uploaded to YouTube September 27 and titled, “Fighters Shell with a Grad”

The second video was uploaded September 27 and titled, “DPR shells the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from a Grad.”

In the second video the people first record from one side of the apartment building and then record the GRADs driving away from the location on the other side of the building.

The blogger @djp3tros at Ukraine@War has geolocated the videos to this position on Google Maps.

Note that the cover photo is unrelated to the video.

Here is a screenshot of the Google maps location with the camera position marked:


Saur-Mogila — Before and After

This tweet has aerial photos from the famous World War II memorial of Saur- Mogila (Savur-Mohyla in Ukrainian) last year, and now a year later, after months of fighting.

The memorial was built in 1963 to commemorate battles that culminated in the Soviets re-taking Saur-Mogila in August 1943.

In Russia’s war on Ukraine, indeed Saur-Mogila has been a site of intense fighting. Here are some highlights of our past reporting:

On June 14, we geolocated a Russian tank brought by Russian-backed separatists into Snezhnoye overlooking Saur-Mogila.

On July 5, we reported that Saur-Mogila was hit by Grad rockets.

Noah Sneier of The New Republic reported from Saur-Mogila in July. See his article here.

Noah-Sneier.jpgPhoto by Noah Sneier

On August 8, we covered how Ukrainian troops broke out of encirclement and how separatist control of the area south of Saur-Mogila shrank.

On August 21, we reported on how Saur-Mogila had been destroyed by months of fighting.

On August 28, the flag of the self-proclaimed “People’s Republic of Donetsk” (DPR) flew once again over Saur-Mogila. The territory remains in Russian-backed rebel hands today.


Explosions Throughout Donetsk and Attacks on the Airport

After reports yesterday of Russian-backed fighters attacking the Donetsk Airport, more explosions resounded throughout Donetsk today September 28.

Attacks on the airport continued.

Translation: Donetsk now. It turns out Mine 8-8 is on fire. No joke.

Translation: Donetsk! Kiev district is shaking from explosions, severe fire in the area of the Tochmash plant, a car dealer has been bombed and several residential buildings with direct strikes.

The Tochmash [Precision Machine-Building] Plant is located here on Wikimapia.

Translation: Donetsk is shaken by powerful explosions.

Translation: Attacks on the airport in Donetsk continue. Here are the results of attacks on the airport

This video uploaded to Youtube today also reports that Mine 8-8 is on fire: