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August 17, 2014


(September 6) Ukraine Liveblog Day 201: The Ceasefire Holds But Is It Temporary?

– Ukrainian Forces Reported to Control Vuhlehirs’k
– Russian Forces Attack Mariupol; ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ Says ‘Taking’ Mariupol
– Ukrainian Checkpoint On Eastern Edge Of Mariupol Struck By Shells
– Evidence Of Violence In Azovstal Area In Eastern Mariupol
– Russian Army Reportedly Shelling Outside Mariupol
– Large Russian Column, Including T-72BMs On Move In Lugansk Region
 Estonian Intelligence Officer Detained In Moscow
– ICRC Report Shelling Near Lugansk
– Reports Of Sporadic Fighting In Tense Donetsk
– Italy May Sell Armoured Vehicles To Ukraine
– Members Of Aidar Battalion Reportedly Ambushed And Executed Near Metallist
– German MP Marieluise Beck Visits Lugansk – ‘Full of Russian Soldiers’
– Poroshenko Tells BBC That NATO Members ‘Prepared to Give Precision-Guided Weaponry’
– POW Exchange to Begin Despite Complaints of Ceasefire Violations
– Ukrainian Government Accuses Russian-Backed Fighters of Breaking Ceasefire
– No Confirmed Reports of Overnight Fighting

(September 5) Ukraine LiveBlog Day 200: Battles Continue Outside Mariupol

– No Evidence NATO or Its Members Will Provide ‘Precision Guided Weapons’ to Ukraine
– Details of Ceasefire, Determination of ‘LPR and DPR’ to Secede from Ukraine
– Detention Of Estonian ISS Agent Is An Extremely Dangerous Escalation In Eastern Europe
– Is the Ceasefire Holding?
– OSCE Report: 35 Schools Destroyed in Donetsk
– Minsk Talks Close, To Resume On Monday
– FSB Claims Estonian Intelligence Officer Detained In Pskov Region
 Estonian Intelligence Official Abducted And Taken To Russia
– Despite Ceasefire, Reports Of Blasts North Of Donetsk
– Journalists Receive Email Inviting Them To Presser On Tuesday On Ukrainian Violations Of Ceasefire
– Cameron – Sanctions Against Russia Will Go Ahead Despite Ceasefire
– Ceasefire About To Come Into Effect
– Ceasefire Deal Reached In Minsk While Shells Continue To Fall Near Mariupol
– Russian Artillery On Move Towards Port Of Kerch In Occupied Crimea
– NATO Leaders Meet with Ukrainian President Poroshenko
– Obama Meets with Poroshenko at NATO Summit in Show of Solidarity
– Battles Continue Outside of Mariupol

(September 4) Ukraine Liveblog Day 199: NATO, Divided, Meets To Discuss Ukraine
– Shelling Heard In Mariupol, Eastern Defences Reportedly Abandoned
– John McCain Says Putin Does Not Want a Successful Ukraine
– John McCain Says Putin Has Invaded, Wants Frozen Conflict
– John McCain Calls For Arming the Ukrainian Government
– John McCain At Press Conference In Kiev
– Unverified Reports of Ukrainian Forces Withdrawing from Mariupol, Russian Forces Storming
– Russian Artillery Shooting for the Cameras, Say Ukrainian Forces
– Conflicting Reports on Battles Near Mariupol
– Ukrainian President Poroshenko Announces Peace Plan for Trilateral Talks in Minsk
– Fighting Breaks Out Near Mariupol; Azov Rushing to Defense
– ‘Novorossiya’ Claims Agreement with Moscow to Get Direct Gas Deliveries
– Sky News Films What Appear To Be Russian Troops Near Novoazovsk
– On Eve of NATO Summit, US, Estonian Presidents Pledge Political Support for Ukraine
– Reports Of Ukrainian Battalion Encircled Near Debaltsevo

(September 3) Ukraine LiveBlog Day 198: President Obama Travels to Estonia to Meet Baltic Leaders
– Sumy Region Begins Construction Of Border Ditch
– OSCE Observers Report Militants Receiving Weapons from Russia
– Volnovakha Still Under Ukrainian Control
– France Suspends Delivery Of Mistral-Class Ships To Russia
– Kremlin Publishes 7 Point ‘Putin Plan’ For Peace In Ukraine
– Former Putin Advisor Says Ukrainian Sounds Like Bad Russian Spoken By Illegal Immigrants
– NATO Escalating This Crisis? Then Why Is It Reducing Its Military?
– Poroshenko’s Ceasefire Debacle
– Reports Of Heavy Rocket Fire Aimed At Donetsk Airport
– Russian State Photojournalist Andrei Stenin Confirmed Dead
– Ukrainian Town Of Schastye Under Heavy Bombardment
– Putin’s Spokesman Denies He Has Agreed To Ceasefire As Russia ‘Not Party To Conflict’
– Poroshenko And Putin Agree On Ceasefire
– President Obama Arrives in Estonia for Talks with Baltic Leaders

(September 2) Ukraine Liveblog Day 197: Ukraine Reportedly Loses Control Of Telmanovo, North Of Mariupol
– State Department on Russian Invasion of Ukraine; Invocation of ‘Nuclear Option’, New US Ambassador to Moscow
– Large Russian Military Convoy Heading to Lugansk
– Rout of Ukrainian Military from Novokaterynikva
– Putin Declares NATO ‘A Major Threat’
– Entire Pskov ‘Company’ Killed in Ukraine: Local Newspaper
– Novotroitskoye, On Donetsk-Mariupol Road, Occupied By Russian-Backed Forces
– Contradictory Statements from Russian-Backed ‘Novorossiya’ Fighters on Demands to Kiev for Independence
– Kremlin Advisor Blames Ukraine War on US
– Further Reports Of Ukrainian Losses On Donetsk-Telmanovo Road
– Interpreter’s Michael Weiss Appears On Hromadske TV
– Russian-Backed Forces Rapidly Gaining Ground
– The Interpreter in Kiev
– Wall Street Journal on Ukrainian Forces Escape from Ilovaisk; Semyonchenko Reveals Himself on TV
– Body Of Missing Russian Journalist Andrei Stenin Reportedly Identified
– Reports Suggest Ukraine Has Lost Control Of Telmanovo, North Of Mariupol

(September 1) Ukraine Liveblog Day 196: Ukrainian Navy Under Attack In Azov Sea
– Russian Foreign Ministry Blasts US OSCE Ambassador for Ukraine Speech
– Ukrainian Border Service Releases Video Of Burning Patrol Boat
– US Senator Menendez Describes Russia’s Actions As Invasion, Supports Arms For Ukraine
– Ukraine Claims Donetsk Airport Still Under Ukrainian Control
– Ukrainian Forces Withdraw From Lugansk Airport
– At Least Four Tactical Battalions of Russian Federation Armed Forces in Ukraine
– Schools Open, But Not In Donbass, Amid Worries About Landmines
– Ukraine Confirms 1 Ship Sank, 1 Damaged, But Denies Jets Conducted Airstrike
– US Official Confirms That Russian Military Has Sent SA-22 SAM Systems Into Ukraine
– Poroshenko Asks For Weapons, Not Soldiers
– Video Suggests Jet Fighters Conducted Airstrike Against Ukraine’s Military
(August 30) Ukraine LiveBlog Day 194: ‘Humanitarian Corridor’ Uncertain for Evacuation of Ukrainian Soldiers
 Reports Suggest Ukraine Has Made Gains In Komsomolskoye And Volnovakha
– Russian Media Reports Return of Russian POWs by Ukraine
– Reports That Novosvetlovka Has Been Left In Ruins
– The Interpreter in Kiev
– ‘Novorossiya’ Conference In Yalta This Weekend With European Neo-Nazi Speakers
– Reports That 200 Ukrainian Volunteers Forced To Surrender In Ilovaisk
– Mariupol Not Surrounded, But Situation Tense
– 28 Ukrainian Troops Reportedly Break Out of Ilovaisk
– Romanian President Basescu Calls For EU To Give Ukraine Weapons
– Ukrainian Su-25 Shot Down By SAM
– Tank With ‘For The Donbass’ Slogan Spotted On Russian Of Border
Reports of Russians and Separatists Shelling Ukrainians in ‘Humanitarian Corridor’
– Donbass Commander Contacts Russian Forces to Extend Time for Corridor
– Uncertainty About ‘Humanitarian Corridor’ for Ukrainian Soldiers’ Evacuation

(August 29) Ukraine LiveBlog Day 193: Putin Appeals to ‘Militia of Novorossiya’
– Kiev Prepared to Turn Over Russian Soldiers If Moscow Admits They Are POWs
– Video Shows Motorola’s Battalion Fighting Through Residential Area of Ilovaisk
– 4 Journalists Escape Ilovaisk Encirclement With Volunteer And Army Troops
– Separatists Claim To Have Captured Ukrainian SSBMs
– UK To Propose Blocking Russian Use of SWIFT Banking Network
– Russian Defence Minister Shoigu Stuck In Slovakia As Poland Refuses Him Overflight Permission
– Russian Paratrooper Captured In Ukraine Reported To Have Arrived In Saint Petersburg
– Reports Suggest Russian Claims Of Mariupol Encirclement Exaggerated
– Mariupol Residents Dig Trenches As Russian Media Claim City Surrounded
– Yatsenyuk – Ukraine To Pursue NATO Membership
– 2 Wounded Ukrainian Officers Blow Selves Up With 12 Russian Paratroopers To Avoid Capture
– Russian-Backed Separatists Set Condition for Humanitarian Corridor Urged by Putin
– Re-Painted Russian Tanks 20 km From Mariupol

(August 28) Novoazovsk Occupied As Yatsenyuk Calls For Emergency UNSC Meeting
– Reports of Assassination of Bolotov, Former Head of ‘Lugansk People’s Republic’
– Fighting Continues in Donetsk; Evacuations Planned for Tomorrow
– Woman Humiliated by Russian-Backed Separatists is Released
– Ukraine Issues List of 49 Banned Russian Journalists and Media Executives
– UN Security Council Concludes Without Action on Ukraine
 Protests in Kiev at Ukrainian Defense Ministry; Some Violence Reported
– US: Russia Has ‘Manipulated…Obfuscated…Outright Lied’
 Two More Russian POWs in Ukraine
– Demonstration in Kharkiv Against Russian Invasion
– OSCE Holds Emergency Session on Ukraine; SG Said Aid Only With Consent
– Russian Military Convoy Reported Heading Toward Lugansk
– UNSC to Hold Public Meeting Now on Situation in Ukraine
– Four Hundred Ukrainian Soldiers Desert Battlefield
– Russian and Ukrainian General Staffs Meet to Discuss Border Situation, POWs Exchange
– With Russian Troops Nearby, Rally in Mariupol Against Russian Invasion
– NATO Releases Satellite Imagery Exposing Russian Military Operations in Ukraine
– Analysts Confirm Presence of Russian Army Tanks in Ukraine
– Yatsenyuk Calls For Emergency UNSC Meeting
– Novoazovsk Occupied

(August 27) Ukraine Liveblog Day 191: Fighting In Ilovaisk, Amvrosievka and Novoazovsk
– Moscow ‘Checking’ Information on Soldiers’ Deaths; Reinforcements Not Arrived in Ilovaisk
– Kommersant Reporter Describes Separatist Occupation of Novoazovsk
– State Department Warns Russian Troops Have Pushed 30 Miles into Ukraine
– Russian Troops Threaten Mariupol and Volnovakha By Offensive in Novoazovsk
– Ukrainian Government Announces Russia Has Invaded
– Russian Newspaper Asks Whether Russia is At War In Ukraine
– Pictures Reportedly Show Russian Armored Convoy Destroyed Near Donetsk
 Government Claims Reinforcements In Ilovaisk, Semyonchenko Denies This As Protesters Call For Action
– Nadezhda Savchenko To Be Transferred To Psychiatric Hospital
– Ukrainian SBU Holds Press Conference with Russian POWs
– Russia Accuses NATO Of Destabilizing European Security As Russian-Backed Troops Capture Ukrainian Towns
– Large Russian Military Column Reportedly Heading Towards Telmanovo
– Red Cross Representative In Ukraine Resigns
– Savchenko In Court In Voronezh
– Decisive Day In Ilovaisk – Semyonchenko
– The Battle For Novoazovsk Continues

(August 26) Ukraine Liveblog Day 190: Russian Paratroopers Captured In Ukraine
– What Happened at the Minsk Talks?
– Ukrainian CNSD Refutes Claims of Russian Incursion, But Confirms Russian Military Convoy at Gukovo
– Russian Troops Taking Over Ukrainian Border Towns: Eye-Witnesses
– Intense Shelling Reported In Novoazovsk, Where Russia’s ‘Invasion’ Was Reported Yesterday
– Video Shows Column of Russian Vehicles, Manned By Chechen Fighters, On Ukraine’s Border
– Powerful Russian Armored Convoy Spotted In Ukraine Headed Toward Lugansk – Complete With T-72 Tanks
– Relatives of Russian POWs Gather in Kostroma; Further Details on Capture by Ukrainians
– Artillery Fire Near a Russian Cross-Border Incursion Could Only Come From Russian Territory
– Russian Peacekeeping Forces Reportedly Ready For Both Humanitarian And Combat Missions
– Russia Will Take ‘Measures’ If Ukraine Enacts EU Association Agreement
– Ukraine Doesn’t Believe Russian Troops Captured Across The Border Were ‘Lost’
– Reports Of Paratroopers’ Deaths Spread In Russia
– Putin Says Military Escalation Can’t Solve Crisis In Ukraine
– US Ambassadors Slam Russian ‘Counteroffensive’
– Poroshenko And Putin Meet In Minsk
– Woman Accused Of Being Ukrainian Spy Tied To Pole And Humiliated In Donetsk
– Ukraine Claims Russian Helicopters Attacked Ukrainian Border Guards, Killing 4
– Russia Admits Troops Entered Ukraine… ‘By Accident’
– Russian Paratroopers Captured In Ukraine
– Transcript of Interrogation of Russian Paratrooper Captured in Ukraine

(August 25) Ukrainian LiveBlog Day 189: Is There a Russian Invasion?
– AP Journalists See Russia Moving Convoys Into Ukraine
– Ukraine’s Parliament Dissolved Ahead of Schedule
– Rada Dissolved And New Elections Scheduled
– OSCE Visits Besieged Rebel Stronghold of Lugansk
– Red Cross Says Ukraine Conflict Is War, MH17 Could Be A War Crime
– So Far, No Visual Confirmation Of Russian ‘Invasion’ Near Mariupol
– Picture Reportedly Shows Russian Tank Destroyed Near Mariupol, Ukraine
– Panic Reported In Mariupol After Reports of Nearby Russian Invasion
– Russia Pledges To Send Another Aid Convoy to Ukraine
– Russian Foreign Minister Finds Nothing Humiliating About Separatists Parading POWs
– Is There a Russian Invasion?

(August 24) Ukraine LiveBlog Day 188: Ukraine Celebrates Independence Day; Separatists Parade POWs
– Russian-Backed Separatists Parade Ukrainian POWs
– Ukraine Celebrates Independence Day

(August 23) Ukraine Liveblog Day 187: Convoy Begins To Return To Russia
– 3 Killed By Shelling In Donetsk
– First 34 Trucks In Convoy Return To Russia

(August 22) Ukraine Liveblog Day 186: Russian Aid Convoy Enters Ukraine
– Russian UN Ambassador Invokes Syria Resolution to Justify Aid Convoy’s Invasion of Ukraine
– OSCE Confirms Russian ‘Aid’ Convoy Left Without ICRC Escort
– GRU Soldier Spotted in Ukraine?
– Moscow Says It’s Kiev And Washington Pushing For War
– NATO Says Russia Deploys Artillery Units Against Ukraine
– Lithuania’s Honorary Consul Kidnapped And Murdered In Lugansk
– Report of Possible Remains of Missing Russian Photojournalist
– Reports Of 8 Wounded Russian Paratroopers Being Treated In Lugansk
– Russian Aid Convoy Flying Illegal Flags And Transporting Fuel Into Ukraine
– Convoy Reportedly Arrives In Lugansk
– NATO Raises Alarm About Russia’s Intentions In Ukraine
– Amidst Broken Promises And What Kiev Calls An ‘Invasion’ More Russian Armor Spotted Headed Toward Ukraine
– Red Cross Issues Warning On Russian ‘Aid Convoy’
– Video Of Convoy Inside Ukraine
– Reports Suggest Entire Convoy Of Over 200 Trucks Has Entered Ukraine
– Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Statement
– Ukrainian Foreign Ministry On Today’s Events
– Russian Foreign Ministry Statement On Departure Of Aid Convoy
– Ukraine Says Only 34 Of 90 Trucks Were Cleared By Customs
– SBU Chief – Entry Of Russian Aid Convoy Is A Direct Invasion
– Russian Aid Convoy Enters Ukraine

(August 21) Ukraine Liveblog Day 185: Russian Airborne Forces Reportedly Captured In Ukraine

Russian Airborne Troops, Rinat Akhmetov, coal mine, Russian armor, painters, Saur Mogila, Petro Poroshenko, 76th Guards Air Assault Division, Pskov, border, Russian humanitarian convoy, aid, capture, IFV

Akhmetov Coal Mine Re-Opens After Damage from Shelling
New Video Shows Russian Military Hardware Moving Toward Ukraine
Pro-Ukrainian Mystery Painters Strike Again in Moscow
Saur Mogila War Memorial In Eastern Ukraine Destroyed By Months Of Fighting
Poroshenko Will Ask Putin To Urge Militants to ‘Withdraw’ From Ukraine
Evidence of Russia’s 76th Guards Air Assault Division in Southeast Ukraine
Despite Move Towards Border, Russian Aid Convoy Likely To Cross Into Ukraine Tomorrow
Russian ‘Aid Convoy’ Prepares To Cross Into Ukraine
IFV From Russian Airborne Division Captured In Ukraine

(August 20) Ukraine Liveblog Day 184: Fighting Continues in Ilovaisk and Lugansk
Ilovaisk, Lugansk, Russian humanitarian convoy, aid, border, shoot-down aircraft, food sanctions, Russian presence, Richard Branson, negotiations, Saur-Mogila

Russian Humanitarian Cargo Still Not Crossing Ukrainian Border: ICRC
Ukrainian Separatists Reportedly Shoot Down 1-3 Aircraft
Russian ‘Aid Convoy’ Will Cross Into Ukraine Late Tonight
Russia Weakens Food Sanctions But Closes McDonald’s
‘We Fight Russia. We Don’t Fight Separatists, We Fight Russia’
Russia Works To Find New Sources And New Markets For Food
Richard Branson Launches Peace Initiative With Ukrainian And Russian Businessmen
Separatist Attempt To Retake Saur-Mogila Reportedly Repelled
Battle To Retake Ilovaisk Continues

(August 19) Ukraine Liveblog Day 183: Ukraine Fights to Retake Ilovaisk

Lugansk, Ilovaisk, American killed, Donetsk, shelling, artillery, Russian armor, Russian TV, Russian humanitarian convoy, shelling from Russia, IDPs, refugees, Crimea, civilian deaths, Slovakia

Lugansk Streets Empty, Dire Conditions Reported
American Killed Fighting in Ukraine
Ukrainian Military Expert Warns That 1,200 Russian Troops Have Entered Lugansk
Donetsk Rocked By Gunfire And Artillery, But Who’s Shooting?
Separatist armor, Russian armor, Donetsk, Rostov, Novoshakhtynsk
Ukraine Bans 14 Russian Television Channels
Churkin: Russian Aid Delivery May Commence In Next Few Hours
Ukraine Claims More Than 30 Incidents Of Shelling From Russia In Last Week
Latest OSCE Report Stresses The Plight of IDPs and Migration To Crimea
Separatists Reportedly Firing Artillery Out Of Central Donetsk
Ukraine Can Only Guarantee Security For Aid Convoy On Government-Held Territory
15 Bodies Recovered From Shelled Refugee Convoy
Slovak Citizen, Fighting For Separatists, Reportedly Detained in Ilovaisk

(August 18) Ukraine Liveblog Day 182: Russian Aid To Enter Ukraine With Kiev’s Approval

Armored Convoy Geolocated Headed From Russia to Lugansk
Ukraine Says Intercepted Phone Call Proves Rebels Killed Dozens of Civilians
Ukraine’s Injured Rebels Travel To Russia And Are Greeted By FSB Officers
Russian Military Vehicles Seen On Move Just Inside Ukraine
More Russian Vehicles Cross Into Ukraine, More Tanks Headed To The Border
Vostok Battalion Using T-72 Tank Near Yasinovataya
Fleeing Civilians Hit By Shells On Road Where Aid Convoy Expected To Travel
Russian Military Trucks Reportedly Spotted Returning From Ukraine
Ukraine Says Separatists Using Uragan MLRS
Heavy Shelling Reported Near Makeyevka As Fighting Intensifies
Ukraine Says Separatists Shelled Refugee Convoy
Russian Aid To Enter Ukraine With Kiev’s Approval

(August 17) Ukraine Liveblog Day 181: Ukraine’s Military Advances Despite Russian Support of Separatists

Russian armor, Donetsk, separatist armor

Russian Armored Vehicle Convoy Seen in Rostov, Novoshakhtynsk
Rebel Armor Rolls Into Donetsk As Fighting Intensifies
Ukraine And Russia Playing A Game Of ‘Chicken’ But Who Will Change Course First?

Ukraine Liveblog Day 180: The Battle For Lugansk Begins (August 16)
Lugansk, Chechens, Dmitrievka, Snezhnoye, Zhdanovka, SBU, Buks, Russian armor, tanks, border, shelling, break-out

Separatists’ Videos from Break-out of Blockade near Snezhnoye
Ukraine Claims Retaking Of Zhdanovka While Separatists Claim Advances Near Snezhnoye
SBU Suggests MH17 Buk May Have Been Manned By Ukrainian Defectors
DNR Leader Says They Have Received 1,200 Troops, 30 Tanks And 120 Armoured Vehicles From Russia
Russia Continues To Send Forces Towards Border
Ukrainian Forces Enter Lugansk Suburb

Ukraine Liveblog Day 179: Russian Build-Up Continues At Border As Armour Enters Ukraine
(August 15)
Russian armor, border, Lugansk, humanitarian convoy, Russian Defense Ministry, Vladimir Putin, Russian Foreign Policy, aid, Yenakievo, Debaltsevo, Petro Poroshenko, Russian ambassador, invasion, FSB, Izvarino, artillery, Donetsk

Russian Build-Up Continues At Border As Armour Enters Ukraine
Reports Of Ukrainian Forces Moving On Lugansk
Russia Tries To Explain Why The Aid Trucks Are Empty
Russian Defense Minister Says There’s No Military Soldiers In ‘Aid Convoy.’ He’s Lying
More Russian Armored Vehicles Moving Near Border Crossing Right Now
What Is Shaping Putin’s Foreign Policy?
Why Are Russian ‘Aid Trucks’ Mostly Empty?
Russia Says The Aid Convoy May Be Attacked – Justification For Invasion?
Ukraine Says Several Villages Near Yenakievo And Debaltsevo Retaken
UK Speaks To Poroshenko, Summons Russian Ambassador Over Border Incursion
Kiev Says It’s Destroyed Part of Russian Invasion Convoy On Ukrainian SoilRed Cross Sending Additional Staff to Ukraine And Russia
Russia Will Do ‘Everything Within Our Power’ To Fix Ukraine
Journalist Tweets Picture of Russian Armor Headed Towards Ukrainian Border
NATO Spots Russian ‘Incursion’ Across The Border
Russian Paratroopers Now 10 km From Border
Journalist Witnesses More Russian Armor Headed To Ukraine Border
Lysenko: Liberation Of Donetsk And Lugansk Has Begun
Ukrainian Aid Arrives In Lugansk Region
FSB Claims Russian Vehicles Did Not Enter Ukraine
Russian Military Build-Up Near Izvarino Crossing Continues
Russian-Supplied Artillery On Move In Donetsk

Ukraine LiveBlog Day 178: Russian Aid Convoy on the Move Again
(August 14)
humanitarian convoy, aid, military convoy, Lugansk People’s Republic, Igor Strelkov, OSCE, Russian armor, border, Buk, ICRC, border guards, lustration, Rostov, Izvarino, Lysenko

Russian Troops Cross Into Ukraine, Large Military Convoys Spotted Just Hours Away
Russian Troops Cross Into Ukraine, Large Military Convoys Spotted Just Hours Away
A New Defense Minister and a New ‘Strelkov’ in the DPR
Russian Armor with Peace-Keeping Symbol Spotted in Rostov Region
More Russian Tanks Reported Far From The Aid Convoy But Deep In Ukraine
More Journalists Spot Russian Armor On Ukraine Side of the Border
Intense Fighting in Donetsk Claims At Least 2 Lives
More Information On Russian APCs Crossing Into Ukraine
BREAKING: Reporters Witness Russian Crossing Into Ukraine
More Russian Armor Spotted Moving Toward Ukraine
Armored Military Convoy Spotted Headed Toward Ukraine From Russia
Head of ‘Lugansk People’s Republic’ Resigns
What’s In Russia’s ‘Aid Convoy’ And Who Is It For?
Separatists Say Military Leader Strelkov is ‘Fine,’ But Is Stepping Down
US Mission to OSCE: ‘Russia’s Commitment To Peace Will Be Judged By Actions, Not Words’
More Aid Trucks — And Military Hardware — Arriving on Ukraine’s Border
Russian Military Traveling With Aid Convoy On The Same Route As the Buk Which Shot Down MH17
Lysenko – Russia Ignoring Demands, Cargo Must Be Handed To ICRC And Inspected By Border GuardsRada Approves Sanctions And Lustration Bills
Russian Convoy And Military Forces Drawing Up Near Izvarino Crossing
Russian Aid Convoy Takes Off Again Toward Rostov

Ukraine LiveBlog Day 177: Russian Aid Convoy Approaches Ukrainian Border (August 13)
border, humanitarian convoy, OSCE, Russian Foreign Ministry, Igor Strelkov, separatists, aid, ICRC, Right Sector, Donetsk, VoronezhSevastpool, Russian Security Council, Ukrainian government, Gorlovka, volunteer battalion, military helicopters, Belgorod

Former Separatist Leader Says Reports of Strelkov’s Wounding Unconfirmed, But He Trained Replacements

No Russian Humanitarian Convoy But Russian Armored Vehicles Reported in Belgorod
OSCE Witnesses Increased Russian Military Activity On The Border
Russian Foreign Ministry Denounces Australia After Criticism of Russian Aid Mission
Pro-Russian Separatists Deny Col. Strelkov is Wounded
Russian State Media Says Strelkov Seriously Wounded
Will An Aid Convoy Bring Hope Or War To Eastern Ukraine – Our Newest Podcast
Ukraine Says Russia Is Blocking Red Cross Aid To Lugansk
Pravyy Sektor Fighters Killed Near Donetsk
Further Confirmation That Russia’s Aid Convoy Never Left Voronezh
Convoy, Or At Least A Large Part Of It, Still In Voronezh
Putin Arrives In Sevastopol For Russian Security Council Meeting
General Breedlove – Humanitarian Mission Into Ukraine Without Kiev Backing Would Be Attack On Sovereignty
1 Killed And 3 Wounded In Separatist Grad Attack On Volunteer Battalion Outside Gorlovka
Russian Military Helicopters Flying Ahead Of Convoy Near Belgorod
Avakov: Putin can take these 30 tons of salt that he’s bringing and pour them on his…
After Night in Voronezh, Russian Aid Convoy Proceeds to Belgorod

Ukraine Liveblog Day 176: Russian Aid Convoy Bound For Kharkiv Border (August 12)
humanitarian convoy, aid, border, Kharkiv, Voronezh, ICRC, Lugansk, buses, Belarus, Russian armor

Russian TV Claims Convoy, Now in Voronezh, Flying Flags of ICRC
Russian Humanitarian Convoy Spotted Going Through Tula
Evacuation Efforts In Lugansk Lack Buses
New Russian Official Statements On Aid Convoy Don’t Answer Key Questions
Red Cross Says It Still Does Not Know What’s In Russia’s Aid Convoy
Red Cross Confused About Russian Aid Convoy Though It’s Marked With Red Cross Flags
Russian Armored Convoys On The Move In Belarus
Russia Delivering Aid To Relieve a Crisis They Created
Reports That Separatists Have Forbidden Residents To Leave Krasny LuchICRC Still Lacking Key Information On Convoy
Russian Convoy To Halt At Border, ICRC To Distribute Aid Inside Ukraine
Kuchma – Aid Convoy To Enter Ukraine Via Kharkiv
Is the Russian Army or Emergencies Ministry Handling Humanitarian Convoy to Ukraine?

Ukraine Liveblog Day 175: An Aid Mission For Eastern Ukraine (August 11)
Russian Army, Emergencies Ministry, humanitarian convoy, escaped convicts, Russian military, anti-aircraft missiles, Russian journalist, missing journalist, ICRC, humanitarian aid, EU Association Agreement, Donetsk, Lugansk, Vladimir Putin, NATO, shelling

Is the Russian Army or Emergencies Ministry Handling Humanitarian Convoy to Ukraine?
Russian Humanitarian Convoy Leaves Military Base for Southeast Ukraine
Claims That Russia Deploying Advanced Anti-Aircraft Missiles On Border
CPJ Says Russian Photojournalist Missing In Ukraine
Contradictory Statements On Russian Involvement In Aid Mission To Lugansk
Kiev Reportedly Denies That Russian Convoys Will Be Part of ICRC Aid Mission
Is Russia Sending An ‘Aid Convoy’ Into Ukraine?
Deputy Foreign Ministers To Discuss Association Agreement Implementation In Moscow
Ukraine Calls For Civilians To Leave Donetsk And Lugansk
Does Putin Believe He Can Win a War with NATO?
Heavy Fighting Between Donetsk and Lugansk
Reports Of Cross Border Shelling Last Night
106 Convicts Escape Donetsk Prison During Shelling

Ukraine Liveblog Day 174: No Ceasefire Without ‘White Flags’ (August 10)
cease-fire, artillery, Donetsk

Artillery North of Donetsk
Will There Be a Ceasefire?

Ukrainian LiveBlog Day 173: Battle for Krasny Luch Continues
(August 9)
Krasny Luch, encirclement, Cossacks, Donetsk, Gorlovsk, Donetsk People’s Republic, Aleksandr Zakharchenko, ceasefire, Russian armor, border, Russian military convoy

Is There a Struggle for Power in the ‘Donetsk People’s Republic?’Is Separatist Prime Minister Zakharchenko Really Ready for a Ceasefire?Russian Separatists Claim to Re-Take Krasny Luch
Donetsk and Gorlovka Surrounded by Ukrainian Forces; Cossacks Flee Krasny Luch
CORRECTION: Further Reports of Russian Armor on the Move Near Ukrainian BorderRussian Military Convoy Nearly Entered Ukraine Last Night

Ukraine Liveblog Day 172: Ukrainian Forces Break Out Of Encirclement But Leave Border Vulnerable
(August 8)
plane shoot-down, MiG-29, Russian stock market, Ukrainian economy, border, Russian military exercises, Vladimir Putin, kidnappings, Russian armor, Investigative Committee, POWs, Western military aid, Canada, break-out, encirclement

Separatists Shot Down a MiG-29 Yesterday
Russia’s Stocks Bounce Back, Ukraine’s Economy DropsRussia Finishes Drills Near Border With Ukraine‘What’s Putin’s Endgame in Ukraine?’
Artist Reportedly Abducted By Separatists In Donetsk
Separatists, Backed By Russian Firepower, Make New Gains On The BorderRussia Confirms Detention of 5 Ukrainian Officers
32 Tonnes Of Canadian Military Equipment To Arrive In Borispol
Explosion In Kiev Injures Two
5 Ukrainian Officers Reportedly To Be Tried In Russia
Ukrainian Forces Break Out Of Encirclement But Leave Border Vulnerable

Ukraine Liveblog Day 171: Barricades Burn Once Again As Authorities Try To Clear Maidan (August 7)
Russian invasion, Maidan, Russian bombers, airspace, Ukrainian plane, Donetsk, podcast, Russian armor, Donetsk People’s Republic, prime minister, Transdniestria, Chernihiv

Could a Russian Invasion Come Via Chernihiv Region?
Russian Bombers Have Violated US Airspace 16 Times in 10 Days
Ukrainian Jet Shot Down Northeast of Donetsk – Reportedly By a Buk
Will Russia Invade Ukraine? New Interpreter Podcast
Russian Armor Gifted to Separatists Passes Through Krasny Luch?
Self-Declared Prime Minister of ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ Leaving His Post
Russian-Backed Separatists In Transdniestrian Escalate Rhetoric on Ukraine
An Emergency Speech Scheduled By Putin?
Barricades Burn As Authorities Attempt To Clear Maidan

Ukraine Liveblog Day 170: Heavy Fighting Overnight On Western Edge Of Donetsk (August 6)
Donetsk, ICRC, sanctions, OSCE, shelling, peace-keeping forces, Grads, Russian Defense Minister, Buk, Buk truck, Gukovo, Ukrainian soldiers, border, invasion, aid, training center, Gorlovka, air strike, humanitarian convoy

Separatists Reportedly Detain Three Members of the Red Cross
Russia Passes Its Own Sanctions and Shoots Itself In The Foot
OSCE: Shells Fall In Russia, Fighters Cross Into Ukraine
Videos Show Russian Vehicles Marked With ‘Peacekeeping’ Insignias On Ukraine’s Border
Videos Show Separatists Conducting GRAD Attacks Near Lugansk
Russian Defence Minister Tells Peacekeepers To Maintain Combat Readiness
The Truck That Moved The Buk Missile Possibly Spotted Near Donetsk
Ukrainian Journalist Says Servicemen In Gukovo Are On Hunger Strike
NATO: Russia Has 20,000 Troops On Border And May Invade Under Humanitarian Pretext
Separatists Seize FC Metallurg Donetsk Training Centre
Donetsk Mayor’s Office Reports Air Strike Last Night
Footbridge Blown In Gorlovka
Heavy Fighting Overnight On Western Edge Of Donetsk

Ukraine Liveblog Day 169: 195 Ukrainian Troops Return From Russia, Attacked By Militants
(August 5)
Vitaly Churkin, UN Security Council, airstrike, Donetsk, separatist gains, civilian deaths, Yasinovataya, Russian troops, border, medical, kidnappings, Japan, bomb, Ukrainian troops

Churkin Speaks At Emergency Meeting Of UN Security Council
Airstrikes Reported In Donetsk
Timelapse Map Of Separatist Territory in Eastern Ukraine
Heavy Fighting In Western Donetsk – 2 Civilians Dead
Ukrainian Forces Withdraw From Yasinovataya
Near Doubling of Russian Troops by Ukrainian Border
HRW: Separatists Disrupting Medical Services
UK Student Reportedly Freed After Being Held By Separatists
Japan Approves Further Russia Sanctions
8 Separatists Injured By Bomb In Donetsk On August 4
195 Ukrainian Troops Return From Russia, Attacked By Militants

Ukraine Liveblog Day 168: Ukrainian Troops Forced To Retreat Into Russian Territory (August 4)

Sanctions On Russian Grounding Oligarchs and Airlines
Russian ‘PeaceKeepers’ Moving Toward – And Across – Ukraine’s Borders
Ukrainian Army Not Assaulting Donetsk, But Is Preparing To
Germany Blocks Rheinmetall Exports To Russia
Russia Holding War Games Near Ukraine
Andriy Parubiy Reportedly To Resign
Germany Blocks Rheinmetall Exports To Russia
Russia Holding War Games Near Ukraine
Andriy Parubiy Reportedly To Resign
FSB: Over 180 Ukrainian Servicemen Returning Home
Over 400 Ukrainian Soldiers Now In Russia After Fleeing Gunfight
Investigators Resume Work At MH17 Site Today
Ukraine Tells Civilians To Leave Areas Under Separatist Control As They Move on Donetsk
Boroday Returns to Donetsk
Ukraine Says Troops Did Not Request Asylum in Russia
Ukraine Claims To Have Liberated Yasinovataya
Ukrainian Troops Forced To Flee Into Russian Territory

Ukraine Liveblog Day 167: Ukrainian Military Closes In On Donetsk And Lugansk (August 3)

More Russian Armor Reported Today In and Around Ukraine
Ukrainian Military Closes In On Donetsk And Lugansk

Ukraine Liveblog Day 166: Ukraine’s Borders Are Attacked Overnight (August 2)

Russian Armoured Column On Move Near Nizhnyaya Krynka?
Separatist Show of Force on VDV Day in Lugansk
Pro-Separatist Rally in Moscow Today
Ukraine’s Prime Minister Wins a Political Game of Chicken
Russia Is Ready To Invade, But Will They?
‘Prepare For War’ Says Russian Tabloid as Reservists Called Up
Separatists Claim to Have Downed Ukrainian Drone
Ukrainian Border Guards Report Multiple Attacks Overnight

Ukraine Liveblog Day 165: 21 Ukrainian Soldiers Reported Dead in Ambush In Shakhtyorsk (August 1)

Obama And Putin Speak But Take Away Different Messages
The Tatars Are Again Oppressed, And Their Anger Is Palpable
Has A Full-Scale Cross-Border War Already Started?
Russian Airborne Units Prepare To Expand Beyond The Borders
Ukraine Says Russia Positioning Advanced Anti-Aircraft Missiles On The Border
International Forensic Experts Finally Reach MH17
Top Separatist Leader Killed While Delivering ‘Humanitarian Aid’
Ukraine Reports 21 Dead in Separatist Ambush Near Shakhtyorsk

JULY 2014

Ukraine Liveblog Day 164: Rada Rejects Yatsenyuk Resignation (July 31)
separatist leaders, chemical plant, Russian armor, border, separatist ambush, MH17, Buk, Stary Oskol, Russian invasion, Russian aid to separatists, separatist tanks, Russian airborne, ceasefire, anti-aircraft missile, Russian tanks, Russian military, logbook, Izvarino, Arseniy Yatsenyuk resignation, humanitarian corridor

Separatist Leaders Fear Blame for Possible Chemical Plant Mishap; Ukrainian Defense Minister Says Rebels Mined
Russian Armor Documented Only 2000 Meters From Ukraine
Russian Military Convoy Reportedly Crosses Border Into Ukraine in Lugansk Region
Separatist Ambushes Near MH17 Crash Site Destroy Ukraine Convoys And Civilian Vehicles
Buk In Russia Has Similar Markings as Rebel Buk, Different from Ukraine’s
Buk Spotted In Stary Oskol, Russia, Moving Toward Ukraine’s Border
Russia Could Invade Ukraine And Win Right Now
‘No Hard Evidence’ Russia Is Supporting Separatists?
Video Shows Separatist Tanks – Marked With Russian Airborne Insignia
International Experts Reach MH17 Crash Site During Humanitarian Ceasefire
Logbook May Prove Anti-Aircraft Missile In Ukraine Belongs To Russian Military
Russian Tanks on Move Near Izvarino Border Crossing
Rada Rejects Yatsenyuk’s Resignation
Ukraine Announces Humanitarian Corridor and Claims Separatists Violating 1 Day Ceasefire

 Ukraine Liveblog Day 163: Belarus To Host Talks Between Ukraine and Russia (July 30)
separatist convoy, Makeyevka, Shakhtyorsk, bus, refugee, children, EU sanctions, Russian armor, MH17, intercept, Russian artillery, US, Russian Grads in Ukraine, Russian sanctions, Russian stock market, Avdeevka, ballistic missiles, SAM, Ukrainian aircraft, talks, Belarus

Separatist Convoy Reported In Makeyevka
More Heavy Fighting Reported in Shakhtyorsk
Opposing Accounts of Bus Shot with Refugee Children, 1 Killed
EU Passes New Sanctions Targeting Putin’s Friends
The Battle For Shakhtyorsk – Supported By Russian Armor And Artillery
Ukraine Says Rebels Planted Mines Near MH17 Crash Site
Intercept Reveals Separatist Leader’s Admission of Russian Artillery Back-Up
Russia Says US Is Punishing Moscow For Its ‘Inconvenient’ And ‘Independent’ Policies
SBU Releases Images It Says Show Russian Grads Firing From Within Ukraine
Moscow Bans Polish Fruit And Ukrainian Cheese
Russian Stock Market Rallies Because New Sanctions Are Weak
Ukrainian Military Retakes Avdeevka North Of Donetsk
Did Ukraine Fire Ballistic Missiles?
Ukraine Claims Buk SAM Targeted Aircraft Today
Belarus Agrees To Host Talks Between Ukraine and Russia

(July 29) Ukraine Liveblog Day 162: Separatists Make Counter-Attacks Following Losses
– David Cameron Targets ‘Londongrad’ In New Sanctions
– US Sanctions Nearly Every State-Owned Russian Bank – But Not The Big One
– Sanctions Are Coming, But Are They Watered Down?
– Ukrainian Military Says Debaltsevo Cleared of Separatists
– Separatists Threaten To Ban OSCE Monitors From MH17 Site
– Ukrainian President’s Site Under DDoS Attack
– Cold War II? The Russian People Seem To Think So
 Analyst Says Russia May Abandon 1987 Nuclear Treaty
– What Will The US Do If Russia Invades Ukraine?
– Ukraine Foreign Minister Says Kiev Has Never Fired Back At Russia
– Ukrainian President’s Site Under DDoS Attack
– US Secretary of State And Ukraine Foreign Minister Give Joint Press Conference
– EU Agrees on Further Sanctions Against Russia
– ATO Spokesman Says Russian Aircraft Have Violated Ukrainian Airspace Today
– Russia Says Kiev Is Afraid Of The Truth
 Fighting Near MH17 Crash Site Hindering Investigation
– Ukrainian Military Reports on Front Line Situation
– US Says Russia Has Violated 1987 Nuclear Treaty
– Ukraine Accuses Russia of Providing Fire Support to Separatists Near Saur-Mogila
– Ukrainian Military Reports on Front Line Situation

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