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What’s The Goal Of The Kremlin’s Middle East Gamble?

January 5, 2016

The West has worked with Russia on the Iran nuclear deal, the disposal of chemical weapons in Syria, and the Minsk peace process in Ukraine. But Russia has broken all of its promises. Can we trust them to help bring peace to the Middle East? The previous post in our Putin in Syria column can […]

Like North Korea, Putin’s Russia ‘Destroying Itself From Within,’ Akhmetov Says

May 31, 2014

Staunton, May 31 – In the 1950s, North Korea was developing rapidly and South Korea was extremely poor, but over the succeeding decades, North Korea cut itself off from the world, became ever more authoritarian, and bankrupted itself with massive military spending. South Korea did just the reverse and is now the economic powerhouse on […]

Moscow Yoke on Tatarstan Now 4557 Times Heavier than Tatar Yoke on Muscovy Was Eight Centuries Ago

April 22, 2014

Staunton, April 20 – Residents of the Republic of Tatarstan are now paying Moscow every year 4557 times more than did medieval Muscovy when it was under the so-called Tatar Yoke that Russians continue to describe as an unbearable burden and one they blame for many of the shortcomings of their political culture. That difference […]

Why Should We Care About Crimea? Interpreter Podcast: March 19 2014

March 19, 2014

In this week’s edition of The Interpreter Podcast, Interpreter’s managing editor James Miller speaks with New York University’s Andrew S. Bowen about Ukraine: Why should we care, how does it effect the West, and what happens next? See our Ukraine front page for the latest news and analysis. Click here to hear our previous podcasts. […]

Then We’ll Turn Off the Gas…

October 31, 2013

Russia’s trade wars are showing no signs of ending any time soon. In fact, despite signs that the Kremlin has fired a man who has been the face of Russia’s isolationist and exclusivist policies, a development which some said was a sign of change, Russia is now increasing its threats to Ukraine by making them […]