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Russia Update: Will the Statue of Dzerzhinsky, First Soviet Secret Police Chief, Return to Lubyanka?

June 12, 2015

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation has obtained permission from the Moscow City Elections Commission to hold a referendum on whether to return the statue of Felix Dzerzhinsky, the first Soviet police chief, to Lubyanka Square in Moscow in front of the FSB building. Welcome to our column, Russia Update, where we will be […]

Beware Putin’s Special War in 2015

December 23, 2014

December 2014 is the month Putin’s Russia was plunged into undeniable crisis. Between the dramatic drop in oil prices and the collapse of the ruble, under Western sanctions pressure, Russians are going into the new year in a dramatically different, and lessened, economic situation than the one they enjoyed at the beginning of the year […]