Russia This Week: The Kremlin’s Growing Army of Internet Trolls

November 14, 2014
Vladimir Putin visits a Concord food plant in Yanino, 2010 with Prigozhin (far right). Photo by Alexei Druzhinin/RIA Novosti

This Week’s Stories in Russia Update:

Sweden Confirms Submarine in October Was Foreign Vessel
Kadyrov Announces Assassination of Georgian Terrorist Omar al-Shishani
Independent Editor Detained at Airport in Khabarovsk
OSCE Sees 100s Of Fighters Cross Russian Border Into Ukraine, And Trucks With Bodies Leaving
FIFA Clears Russia and Qatar of Corruption Charges, But US Prosecutor Seeks Appeal
Russia Sends Warships Toward Australia Ahead Of G20
Moscow Oil Refinery Blamed for Gas Leak May Be Closed for 3 Months
Sochi Olympics Builder Detained on Suspicion of Exploitation of Workers
Russian Legislators Receive Responses from Military Officials on Soldiers Reportedly Killed in Combat in Ukraine
Editor-in-Chief of Kommersant Steps Down Amid Rumors of Government Pressure
Still No Clear Explanation on What Caused Gas Leak in Moscow
Free Ad Advice for CNN — Love, The Interpreter
CNN Says New Media Laws Drove It From Russia
Bezler Reported Alive, and to Get ‘Hero of DPR’ Award, But is Strelkov Slighted?
LifeNews Claims Anti-Corruption Blogger Navalny ‘Funded by the Kremlin’; Putin Administration Denies
CNN To Cease Broadcasting in Russia in December
Moscow Oil Refinement Plant Denies Malfunction Occurred, Despite Air Pollution Monitor Statements
Toxic Gas Leak from ‘Malfunction’ at Oil Refinery: Emergencies Ministry
Russia Launches Yet Another Propaganda Outlet, Sputnik News

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