Video Shows Children Beaten at Amur Boarding School

May 17, 2013
Russia's child ombudsman Pavel Astakhov. Photo by: Mikhail Metzel/Associated Press

The editors of the news agency have received a report from concerned Amur resident Gennady Uvarov, who sent links to a video in which children were being brutally beaten. He indicated that this was taking place at an orphanage in the village of Pionersky in the Mazanov district. According to Uvarov, he received the links from friends who asked him to help with publicizing the beatings. The institution has commented on the video footage.

“The management has learned about the video today.  We have contacted the Ministry of Education and the Prosecutor’s Office. An inspection has been organized now to clarify all the circumstances of the incident,” an official who declined to give his name told a correspondent from

According to the official, the video shows an orphanage care-giver who is 17-years-old. From the nature of the video it is clear that the filming was done openly, not with a concealed camera. Smiling, the girl beats the little children (the little boys in their underpants and t-shirts are standing against the wall) with some kind of object, apparently a belt; she also kicks some of them. The children are crying loudly. Judging from the content of the video, the girl was trying to force the children to sleep or behave quietly. As she beats the crying little kids, she shouts obscenities. It is not known who made the film.

A source has told that the 17-year-old employee studied at a college in the city of Svobodny. When her studies didn’t work out, the teenager went to work in the orphanage. She has lived in the institution for about a month-and-a-half. The employees of the institution where the girl was cared for previously noted that she could be dangerous.

The prosecutor’s office of the Mazanov district reported that the identity of the girl who beat the children is still being established. “The deputy prosecutor is working in the orphanage now. The educational workers of the institution are being questioned,” Evgeny Petrov, Prosecutor for Mazanov district, told

At the Ministry of Education of the Amur region, officials replied to an inquiry from journalists from the Blagoveshchensk television company Channel Alfa, revealing that, according to preliminary information, one of the caregivers of the boarding school did beat the children. The Ministry also confirmed that the institution is being inspected and that psychologists are now working at Boarding School No. 5.