Teenage Girl Punished for Spreading ‘Gay Propaganda’ in Russia

February 3, 2014
Photo taken from the "I'm a person, not propaganda" project

The first case of charges being brought against a child for spreading gay propaganda among children has been registered in Russia. Her location, photo and name were not disclosed so as to protect the child.

The ruling of the Juvenile Affairs Commission (KDN) in one of the small towns in the Bryansk oblast, from January 16, states that, during some ‘preventive work’, the 9th grade pupil “openly avowed her non-traditional sexual orientation.”

Here are some quotations from the document:

In the course of investigating the case it has been established that:

On 11/13/2013, during the course of the preventive work in [name of school] it was found that a 9th grade pupil [name omitted] was systematically propagandising non-traditional sexual relations amongst minors, which was expressed by her open avowal of her own non-traditional sexual orientation, and disseminating information aimed at formulating distorted notions of the social equivalence of traditional and non-traditional sexual relations in the minds of minors. She is not committing physical acts that infringe on the sexual inviolability of minors.

There is no evidence of an offence under chapter 18 of the special section of the Russian Criminal Code in the actions of [name omitted]. Therefore no criminal proceedings in this regard will be initiated.

The Commission has decided that:

1. The juvenile [name omitted] is to be cautioned in accordance with paragraph ‘b’, article 18 of the Regulations of the KDN from 06/03/1967;

3. The juvenile [name omitted] is to be placed under the supervision of the KDN of [area, town].

140203 - document kdn


The ruling notes that the girl had not raped her peers (“she is not committing sexual assaults on minors”), so they declined to initiate a criminal case against her. As a result, they decided to use what charges they could, and, as a warning, the girl was put on the records of the KDN.

Lena Klimova, author of the ‘Children-404’ project (yesterday we wrote that she a criminal case for “promoting homosexuality” has been opened against her due to the very existence of the project) commented:

“This document is completely preposterous. This ruling by the Commission for Juvenile Affairs accuses a juvenile girl of gay propaganda. The girl has been put on record at the KDN because she, (oh the horror!) does not hide her orientation in school, and is thereby engaged in propaganda.”

In this case, it is noteworthy that a 14-year-old cannot be held under the law for ‘banning the promotion of homosexuality’. The law is for adults. Just as there is no criminal statute for “sexual assault on peers” for 14-year-old girls.

As was correctly noted in the blogosphere:

“A bunch of ***** in school and the police intimidated the girl and her parents, but it took a lawyer with only a little education to tell them to go off all together and **** themselves.”

The sweep of the witch hunt in Russia, “where no one discriminates against LGBT”© is acquiring a truly demented scope.


This piece of paper is, of course, just a wipe-up. But our editors received news that the girl now has a very real brain concussion, after her wholesome father “engaged in some parenting”. Unfortunately Russian deputies haven’t yet thought up a law on “banning the promotion of brutality against one’s own children”.