Ukraine Live Day 703: Six Ukrainian Soldiers Wounded Over Last 24 Hours

January 21, 2016
Weaponry the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) claims to have recovered after a raid near Stanitsa Luganskaya. Photo: SBU

Six Ukrainian soldiers have been wounded over the last 24 hours, with fighting reported near Donetsk, Gorlovka and Mariupol. However the number of reported attacks has continued to decrease since peaking earlier in the week.

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Six Ukrainian Soldiers Wounded Over Last 24 Hours

Six Ukrainian soldiers have been wounded in combat over the last 24 hours.

Colonel Oleksandr Motuzyanyk, a military spokesman for the Presidential Administration, reported that Ukrainian positions had been attacked by snipers and shelled with 82 mm mortars.

According to this morning’s ATO Press Centre report, there were 29 attacks over the 24-hour period before 6 am today.

The ‘defence ministry’ of the self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) claimed meanwhile that Ukrainian forces had carried out 11 attacks over the last day.

Overall, the DNR claimed that 60 120 mm and 47 82 mm mortar shells had been fired onto separatist-held territory near Donetsk and Gorlovka, as well as the village of Kominternovo, east of Mariupol.

— Pierre Vaux