Ukraine Live Day 313: Two Bombers Killed in Explosions in Kherson and Odessa

December 27, 2014
Bomber carrying explosive killed in Odessa December 27, 2014. Hromadske TV.

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‘Think of the Most Hard-Core Kitsch You Can Imagine’

The side of the armored personnel carrier says “Dedovoz” which means “Father Frost-Mobile” and “Polite” as in “polite people,” the Russian propaganda name for Russian soldiers in Crimea.

There may be some competition in the kitsch department, however.

Translation: #Rashist wedding in Lugansk.

Bombs Go Off in Kherson and Odessa; Bombers Killed

A bomb went off in Odessa, killing one New Times reported, citing Interfax Ukraine. Police say the person killed “had full contact” with the bomb and was likely transporting it. Police have called it a “terrorist attack.”

The blast was at 9 Seheds’ka Street.

A bomb also went off in Kherson, about 200 kilometers from Odessa.

The mayor of Kherson said there was only one blast, and it was not related to the conflict but just a bank robbery, LiveMap reported.

But said there were reports of two blasts, one inside a foreign exchange booth, and another on the street at the corner of Karla Marxa and Belinskogo Streets, and a second unexploded bomb was found. In this incident the bomber was killed as well.

Translation: Mayor of Kherson on blast.

Translation: Police discovered another explosive device hear the site of the explosion in Kherson.

Translation: Eyewitnesses saw a bomb on the body of the man before the explosion in the exchange booth in Kherson.

On December 10, a volunteer center to help Ukrainian forces in the
ATO [Anti-Terrorist Operation] in Odessa was also bombed, with damage to the
building and no injuries.

On December 23, an unknown person threw a bomb under a parked car.

At least eight bombs have gone off in Kharkiv, the most recent was a furniture store where a volunteer for ATO support worked.

— Catherine A. Fitzpatrick