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Ukraine Divided Less Between East And West Than Between City And Village

March 14, 2015

Staunton, March 13 — Most discussions about divisions in Ukraine focus either on the differences of east and west or on those between Russian speakers and Ukrainian speakers, but a deeper and more important divide, one cutting across both of the others, Sergey Koshman writes, is between those who live in the cities and those […]

Hungary Helping Moscow Destabilize Ukraine From the West

March 5, 2015

Staunton, March 5 – Budapest has announced that it has handed out Hungarian citizenship papers to 94,000 people in Trans-Carpathia in Western Ukraine in expedited fashion. The Hungarian official responsible for nationality policy says that this is part of a broader effort to boost the size of the country’s population and points out that two-thirds […]

Many Ethnic Russians in Ukraine Identify as Ukrainians to ‘Break Out of Russian World,’ Moscow Marxist Says

July 24, 2014

Staunton, July 21 – “Many ethnic Russians both in Ukraine and in Russia itself are ready to declare themselves Ukrainians” or indeed anything else “if only to break out of ‘the Russian world’ and ‘cursed Sovietism’ and gain access to Western civilization and the benefits they believe it offers, according to a Russian Marxist. In […]