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With Cash and Conspiracy Theories, Russian Orthodox Philanthropist Malofeyev is Useful to the Kremlin

April 28, 2015

Gazeta.ru has an exclusive interview today April 28 of Konstantin Malofeyev, the Russian Orthodox philanthropist and businessman associated with the cause of “Novorossiya” and supporting Russian-backed militants in Ukraine. The coverage confirms that far from having been thrown under the bus in any fashion in connection with “reining in” Russian-backed militants, Malofeyev continues to thrive […]

Defining Who is a Russian Difficult and Dangerous, Nezavisimaya Says

April 18, 2014

Staunton, April 18 – Many Russians and others have struggled with the fact that the Russian word for ethnic Russian (russky) and the one for those who are not ethnically Russian but part of the Russian political space (rossiisky) are not the same, a reflection of the multi-national composition of the Russian state, tsarist, communist […]

That Flexible Word “Freedom”

July 3, 2013

[At the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, President Putin discussed Internet freedom with global business leaders as the Russian parliament initially approved a draft anti-piracy law despite an outcry from Russian Internet companies and free speech activists, Kommersant reports. Meanwhile, the FSB investigated an online hoax involving Russian Railways chief Vladimir Yakunin the Federal Security Agency […]