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In its Dialogue with Kiev, Moscow Could Get Personal

August 23, 2013

Russia has levied sanctions against Ukraine, backing up hundreds of freight trucks at the border, all in protest of Ukraine’s decision to enter the European Union instead of the Moscow-centric Customs Union. The move may cost Ukraine $2.5 billion this year alone. Now, there are signs that Russia could turn its already infamous anti-immigration policies […]

Starshinov: We Shouldn’t Go Over the Top with Tolerance

August 13, 2013

The First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Nationalities believes that the government policy on inter-ethnic relations is not efficient because it is not supported by actions of the executive. Despite all the attention of the country’s leadership on the issue of inter-ethnic relations, recently conflicts between people of different ethnicities have become more frequent […]

Blonde With a Bat: An Anti-Immigrant Pogrom

August 9, 2013

Over the last several weeks, racist crowds have reportedly attacked markets in St. Petersburg and in Moscow, often with the assistance of the police. Without cause, immigrants selling fruit in marketplaces have been beaten or arrested, and their produce destroyed, often before they are even given an opportunity to present any documents that could prove […]

Criminal Case for Slavery

August 8, 2013

Wednesday we published a translation of a journalist’s tour of a refugee internment camp after police raids netted over one thousand illegal immigrants. Today, we publish a translation about how the Russian police are pursuing slavery charges against the “employers” of those migrant workers. It is worth noting that widespread police misconduct has been reported by […]

“Let’s Call it a ‘Special Settlement.’ Not a Prison, But No Better”

August 7, 2013

In recent weeks, widespread immigration raids have been reported, and that pace has quickened further in recent days. This is the story of one of the immigration camps where those detained in raids are taken. Update: A criminal case has been opened against the “employers” of these migrants. See our separate translation. – Ed. Massive raids […]

The Coordination Council’s Draft Statement on Pugachev

July 16, 2013

Russia has long been host to a revanchist nationalism, both in its establishment political system but also in its opposition movements. In one of its least attractive forms, this nationalism is embodied in the slogan “Russia for Russians,” which is a not too subtle plaint against immigrants and ethnic minorities and championed by, among many others, […]