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Xenophobia in Russia at an All-Time High, Experts Say

March 20, 2014

Staunton, March 20 – Xenophobia and hate crimes against members of other ethnic groups, after having declined in Russia between 2009 and 2012, have now risen to unprecedented levels, the result of what many see as the Putin regime’s backing for ethnic Russian pride, according to experts in Moscow. In yesterday’s Yezhednevny Zhurnal, Vera Alperovich says […]

Navalny Answers the Hard Questions with Hard Answers

July 27, 2013

Since being released from prison following his five-year sentence for embezzlement charges, Alexey Navalny’s campaign for mayor of Moscow has come under intense scrutiny, both from pro-Kremlin and oppositional quarters. Below, Interpreter translator Catherine A. Fitzpatrick weighs some of the controversies surrounding Navalny’s nationalism, his past comments about minorities and foreigners and his plan for barring […]

The Coordination Council’s Draft Statement on Pugachev

July 16, 2013

Russia has long been host to a revanchist nationalism, both in its establishment political system but also in its opposition movements. In one of its least attractive forms, this nationalism is embodied in the slogan “Russia for Russians,” which is a not too subtle plaint against immigrants and ethnic minorities and championed by, among many others, […]

Migration Crisis in North Caucasus, Part 2

Yesterday, I wrote about how the unrest in Pugachev, where anti-Chechen riots broke out following the murder of a local paratrooper, was the result of the weak migration regime that has allowed ethnic resentments to grow unhindered. Ethnic tension, however, are only part of the puzzle. The bigger picture comprises the ineffective way in which […]

“Dry Law” Passed in Protesting Pugachev

July 12, 2013

Due to the disorders gripping the city of Pugachev, the district administration has introduced a “dry law “in the city. Mikhail Babich, Russian Federation presidential representative to the Privolzhsky Federal District has arrived to investigate the situation in Saratov Region. Babich announced that the ban on the sale of alcohol is a justified measure because […]