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Criminal Case for Slavery

August 8, 2013

Wednesday we published a translation of a journalist’s tour of a refugee internment camp after police raids netted over one thousand illegal immigrants. Today, we publish a translation about how the Russian police are pursuing slavery charges against the “employers” of those migrant workers. It is worth noting that widespread police misconduct has been reported by […]

“Let’s Call it a ‘Special Settlement.’ Not a Prison, But No Better”

August 7, 2013

In recent weeks, widespread immigration raids have been reported, and that pace has quickened further in recent days. This is the story of one of the immigration camps where those detained in raids are taken. Update: A criminal case has been opened against the “employers” of these migrants. See our separate translation. – Ed. Massive raids […]

Russia’s Arms Trade: Geopolitics and Economics

July 31, 2013

Among the many debates surrounding the endless bloodshed in Syria, one of the loudest has been over Russia’s defense of its sale of advanced anti-aircraft missiles (S-300) to the Assad regime. Pointing to the fact that the contracts were signed before the conflict, and justifying their fulfillment as legal under international law, the sale has nevertheless […]