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‘Star Wars Redux’ – Putin’s Fear of Losing Nuclear ‘Club’ Works to Ukraine’s Advantage, Portnikov Says

November 12, 2015

Staunton, November 11 – Vladimir Putin’s declaration that Moscow will create a nuclear strike force capable of overcoming any anti-ballistic missile system works to Ukraine’s advantage both by showing to the world what his foreign policy is really about – a return to the Cold War – and by diverting, for a time, his focus […]

Russia Update: Finland Investigates Possible Foreign Submarine in its Waters

April 28, 2015

The Finnish military fired handheld underwater depth charges as a warning against a suspected foreign submarine in waters near the capital of Helsinki, Reuters reported. Welcome to our column, Russia Update, where we will be closely following day-to-day developments in Russia, including the Russian government’s foreign and domestic policies. The previous issue is here. UPDATES […]