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With Reforms Impossible, Some Russians Predict Revolution, Baklanov Says

January 2, 2017

Given that Vladimir Putin has signaled that any serious reforms in the near term are unlikely or even impossible, ever more Russians are predicting revolution, especially as that country enters the centenary of the two revolutions of 1917.

Putin, Trapped Between War and Revolution, Will Choose War, Ikhlov Says

February 2, 2016

Putin Modifies 1992 Yeltsin Decree Ending Russian German Hopes for Full Rehabilitation 2016-02-03 01:56:05 Staunton, VA, February 2, 2016 —  Although in the case of occupied Crimea, Vladimir Putin has talked about the need for the full rehabilitation of the peoples of that peninsula who suffered under Soviet rule, the Kremlin leader on Sunday quietly […]