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Despite His Claims, Obama Was Not A Realist On Russia, Syria, And Libya

March 12, 2016

President Obama, in the twilight of his career, did what every US President is expected to do, give a legacy defending interview. He defended his primary foreign policy ideas including the Syrian inaction, the inability to deal with the Ukrainian crisis, the Iraq fiasco and Russian revanchism while describing himself as a Realist. Obama does […]

Syria After the Strike: Three Scenarios

September 10, 2013

Russia’s media is highly impacted by government control. Many news organizations have direct or indirect ties to the Russian government, and yet many more have ties to a web of Russian power brokers. Even when a newspaper is independent, the power of Russia’s power structure can be felt in the press. Since 2001, four journalists […]

“What kind of missiles were spotted by our missile defense system over the Mediterranean?”

September 3, 2013

Earlier today, Russian media began to carry an alert from Russians Ministry of Defense that two “ballistic targets” were spotted over the Mediterranean sea. The inference was that this was related to impending U.S. intervention in Syria. Now, the Israeli Defense Force and the Pentagon have confirmed that this was a test of an Israeli […]