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Ukraine Liveblog Day 246: Submarines, Gas Deals, And Human Rights

October 21, 2014

Yesterday’s liveblog can be found here. An archive of our liveblogs can be found here. For an overview and analysis of this developing story see our latest podcast. Please help The Interpreter to continue providing this valuable information service by making a donation towards our costs. View Ukraine: April, 2014 in a larger map For […]

Three Serious Cases of Moscow’s Misuse of Law for Political Ends

October 20, 2014

Staunton, October 18 – Like many dictatorships, the Russian government of Vladimir Putin likes to use “legal” means to oppress its population, because that sleight of hand gives the patina of legality to what it is doing, thus confusing both its own people and even more those abroad who might otherwise condemn it. But three […]

Belarus is a Litmus Test for Values

July 3, 2014

I like reading Paul Goble. He writes well and he has ample knowledge of our region. He seldom writes about Belarus, just mentioning it occasionally. In his recent piece, though, he looks at the case of my country: It’s time to Rethink the West’s Approach to Belarus. When I see titles like that I know exactly […]