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US Student Found Dead in Buryatia, Russia; Kadyrov to Visit Assad; Peskov Expects More Panama

April 5, 2016

Missing for 5 days, the body of American student was found 1.5 km from his hotel in the mountainous terrain of Buryatia, Russia.

Russia Update: Defense Ministry Plans New Computer Programs to Monitor, Analyze Social Media

January 29, 2015

Welcome to our column, Russia Update, where we will be closely following day-to-day developments in Russia, including the Russian government’s foreign and domestic policies. The previous issue is here, and see also our Russia This Week stories ‘Anti-Maidan’ Launched by Nationalists, Cossacks, Veterans, Bikers and The Guild War – How Should Journalists Treat Russian State […]

Russia 2013: KGB in Power

October 16, 2013

Yevgenia Albats is a Russian investigative journalist who worked for the Newsweek International in the late 1990s. She is the chief editor of The New Times. – Ed. September 30, 2013 will go down in history. On this day, President Putin signed decrees №№ 739-742, increasing by 2-2.5 times the monetary remuneration (salary plus bonuses) of […]

Sergei Ignatiev Submits His Last Report as Central Bank Chairman

May 3, 2013

Today the personnel of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Federal Security Service (FSB), Federal Protective Service (FSO), and the Central Bank submitted their income statements. None of the officials declared any property registered abroad, and in terms of income the leader is the CB Chairman Sergei Ignatiev, who is stepping down this June. The SVR […]