Sergei Ignatiev Submits His Last Report as Central Bank Chairman

May 3, 2013

Today the personnel of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Federal Security Service (FSB), Federal Protective Service (FSO), and the Central Bank submitted their income statements. None of the officials declared any property registered abroad, and in terms of income the leader is the CB Chairman Sergei Ignatiev, who is stepping down this June.

The SVR Director Mikhail Fradkov made 7.486 mln rubles, 2 million more than in 2011.The SVR Director owns: an apartment (587 square meters), land (more than 10,000 square meters), a country house (301.7 square meters) and two parking spaces. His spouse made 277,000 last year. She partially owns an apartment (19.1 square meters). She also owns a parcel of land (1,466 square meters), and a country house (324.9 square meters). All the property belonging to the couple is located in Russia. They do not have cars or any other vehicles.

The FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov also made a little more last year. For 2012 he declared almost 5.2 mln rubles, compared to 4.622 mln for 2011. He owns an apartment (99 square meters), a garage and two parking spaces. His spouse made almost 230,000 last year. She owns a land plot, a house and an apartment.

Vladimir Kulishov, the First Deputy Director of FSB and the Commander of the Border Guard Service, made 4.2 mln rubles in 2012. He is the only FSB Deputy Director who owns a car, GAZ-3110. Yuri Gorbunov, the FSB Spokesman and a Deputy Director, made 5.1 mln rubles, and Sergei Buravlev, another Deputy Director, made even more than his boss, 7.1 mln rubles.

The Director of the Federal Protective Service (FSO), Army General Evgeni Murov made a little over 6 million rubles last year (in 2011 his income was 5.7 mln rubles). He declared two vehicles: a vintage Moskvich-401, and a BMW-650. He also owns a Harley Davidson motorbike, Honda and Spider scooters, and a Polaris ATV. The FSO Director owns two plots of land (8.9 thousand square meters), two country houses (total living area of 360 square meters), an apartment (49 square meters), and a garage. His spouse made 144,000 rubles. She owns two apartments (total living area of 418 square meters), a Lexus car and two parking spaces.

The total income earned by the Central Bank Chairman Sergei Ignatiev was 24.7 mln rubles (in 2011 he declared 22.5 mln rubles). His spouse made 3.5 mln rubles. Mr. Ignatiev and his spouse own equal shares in an apartment (86.9 square meters), and a plot of land (1,692 square meters). Mr. Ignatiev’s spouse still owns a Toyota RAV-4. Last year she bought an apartment (56.2 square meters), and a country house still under construction (300 square meters). All the property is located in Russia. In June Sergei Ignatiev is stepping down to be replaced by Elvira Nabiullina, an advisor to the President (in 2012 she made a little more than 5 mln rubles).