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Putin’s Successor May Be ‘Already in His Entourage,’ Kryshtanovskaya Says

July 1, 2014

Staunton, June 30 – Olga Kryshtanovskaya, head of the Center for the Study of Elites at the Academy of Sciences Institute of Sociology and Russia’s most distinguished student of elites and their rotation, says that “Putin’s successor is already in his closest entourage” and that Putin may even decide who it will be. In an […]

Coup against Putin Possible, Could Spark Disintegration of Russia, Cemilev Says

June 4, 2014

Staunton, 4 June – Mustafa Cemilev, the Crimean Tatar leader, said in an interview to the Belarusian television channel Belsat that people close to Vladimir Putin are growing so angry at the Kremlin leader because of sanctions that they are ready to rise in revolt against him, an action that could lead to the disintegration […]

Is Putin at Risk of Being Overthrown by a Coup?

April 28, 2014

Staunton, April 28 – Many in Russia and the West have speculated that the combination of Vladimir Putin’s policies against Ukraine, Moscow’s increasing isolation internationally, and deteriorating economic conditions at home will eventually lead to a Maidan-style challenge to his rule. That is possible, of course, but a man identified as a former FSB officer […]

Egypt Seeking Military Support From Russia

November 14, 2013

The United States cut off arms shipments to Egypt several months after the Egyptian military launched a coup that removed the democratically-elected President Mohamed Morsi. This move was not in reaction to the coup, but rather in reaction to the violent crackdown against the Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters and officials launched by the Egyptian military. This […]