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Russia Update: Yet Another Bolotnaya Square Arrest, Nearly 3 Years After Anti-Putin Protest

February 26, 2015

Welcome to our column, Russia Update, where we will be closely following day-to-day developments in Russia, including the Russian government’s foreign and domestic policies. The previous issue is here. UPDATES BELOW Yet another suspect has been detained in the case of the Bolotnaya Square anti-Putin demonstration. See also our Russia This Week stories: Ultranationalists Angry […]

Moscow Plans to Track Anyone Convicted of Extremism after Release from Prison

May 20, 2014

Staunton, May 20 – In what represents yet another threat to the constitutional rights of Russian citizens, the Russian government is preparing a draft law that would allow officials to administratively supervise anyone who has been convicted and sentenced to the penal system for extremism and terrorism after his or her release, Izvestiya reports today. […]

Russia This Week: Surge of Nationalism on Victory Day (5-9 May)

May 9, 2014

Updated Daily. Pussy Riot went to Washington to lobby for additions to the Magnitsky List of Russian official human rights violators. 6 May was the second anniversary of a major opposition demonstration in 2012 in Moscow, where dozens were arrested in clashes with police that activists say were staged by provocateurs. Police detained 13 today […]

Chronicle of Russian Dissent: Pussy Riot Beaten, Independent Media Space Shrinks (8-15 March)

March 14, 2014

Russians continue to protest the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine, and suffer backlash themselves. Cases of those arrested last week in solidarity with the sentenced defendants in the Bolotnaya Case continue to be processed. Some of those who protested during the Sochi Olympics last month, such as the Circassians, are still suffering the consequences. And the […]

Moscow Protest Aftermath: Jail Sentences Handed Out to Opposition Leaders

February 25, 2014

Two of the leading figures in the Russian opposition, Alexei Navalny and Boris Nemtsov, have been sentenced following their arrests while protesting the sentencing of the Bolotnaya defendants yesterday in Manezh Square Moscow. Navalny, the former mayoral candidate, anti-corruption blogger and leader of the Progress party, has been sentenced to 7 days in jail by […]

“I’m Afraid It’s Not the Court Making the Decision”

February 24, 2014

This interview occurred before the sentencing earlier today, resulting in prison terms ranging from two and a half to four years. The sentencing was attended by protests which have been met with a sever clampdown by the Russian authorities, a situation which is being covered in a liveblog here. — Ed. On 21 February, Judge Natalya […]

Clampdown on Russian Opposition: Liveblog

The Sochi Games are over, and international media attention is focused on developments in Ukraine. So without wasting a moment, the Russian government has returned to its more favored past time: arresting members of the opposition. Today, prominent dissidents, such as Alexey Navalny and Maria Alyokhina and Nadya Tolokonnikova, both formerly of Pussy Riot fame, […]

Trial for Bolotnaya Protesters Nearing Completion

February 3, 2014

“There is not one piece of evidence that confirms the guilt of the accused,” said Alexei Polikhovich’s lawyer, Alexei Miroshnichenko. “The whole trial is politically motivated.” His colleague Olga Grigorenko, also defending Alexei Polikhovich, elaborated on the property damages, totalling 28,228,000 rubles, which, according to the indictment, the defendants have to repay. Advocate Grigorenko said […]

Freedom Is A Whole Day Outside

January 2, 2014

On Wednesday, the State Duma adopted a resolution on amnesty. On Thursday, four participants in the “Bolotnaya Case” were released from criminal prosecution and from custody in the courtroom. The door of the iron cage swings open. Half a year later Leonid Kovyazin and Vladimir Akimenkov are free. A much hated electronic bracelet is removed […]