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Putin in Syria: At Least 40 Reported Dead After Missiles Strike Market In Douma

October 30, 2015

LIVE UPDATES: At least 40 people are reported to have been killed after surface-to-surface missiles struck a market place in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta today. The previous post in our Putin in Syria column can be found here. Russian Conflict Bloggers and Military Expert Confirm Russian Radio Communications Vehicle, Troops in Syria 2015-10-30 16:06:17 […]

Putin in Syria: At Least 12 Killed In Yesterdays Russian Strike On Sarmin Hospital

October 22, 2015

LIVE UPDATES: At least 12 people are reported to have been killed in yesterday’s Russian air strikes on a medical facility in Sarmin in northern Idlib. The previous post in our Putin in Syria column can be found here. How Far Will Russia Go To Support One Man? 2015-10-22 21:27:33 Michael Weiss, on the visit […]

Putin in Syria: Bashar in Moscow

October 21, 2015

LIVE UPDATES: Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad made a surprise visit to Moscow last night. The previous post in our Putin in Syria column can be found here. Is Assad Gaining Ground? Today’s Syria Battle Summary 2015-10-21 19:58:18 As we reported earlier, there are reports that the Assad regime is advancing near Aleppo, making slow gains […]

Putin in Syria: Russian Air Strike Kills FSA Commander In Latakia Province

October 20, 2015

LIVE UPDATES: A Russian air strike has killed the commander of a Free Syrian Army unit that was making advances in the hills of the Latakia province. The previous post in our Putin in Syria column can be found here. Russian Ambassador to Syria Denies Reports of 3 Russian Soldiers Killed in Combat; Reports Remain […]

Putin Admits Russian Forces Are in Syria to Defend Assad

October 14, 2015

Staunton, October 12 – Even in Russia where lying has become “an officially approved social norm” and where leaders lie on big things and small, even they find it impossible to lie all the time because to maintain consistency in a world where everything is a lie is impossible and thus they sometimes perhaps unintentionally […]

Putin in Syria: Shells Strike Russian Embassy In Damascus

October 13, 2015

LIVE UPDATES: Two shells struck the Russian embassy in Damascus this morning as a rally in support of Russia’s military intervention was under way. The previous post in our Putin in Syria column can be found here. Jabhat al-Nusra Call For Jihadists To Wage War On Russia In Caucasus 2015-10-13 15:18:56 AFP reports that Jabhat […]

The Non-Hybrid War

October 9, 2015

Sociologist Denis Sokolov, an anthropologist and senior researcher for the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, has traveled to the Russian Caucasus and the Donbass to interview warlords to find out what factors sustain them. He finds not so much confirmation of the poverty theory of the “root causes of terrorism” but […]

Putin in Syria: Refugee Camp In Idlib Province Struck With Cluster Munitions Last Night

LIVE UPDATES: There are reports this morning that Russian and Syrian regime forces conducted intense rocket barrages and air strikes on rebel-held areas of the Hama and Idlib provinces last night. Meanwhile ISIS has made advances in the Aleppo region in spite of Russia’s supposed air campaign against the group. The previous post in our […]

Putin in Syria: Russian Jets Strike ISIS For First Time But Continue Wider Campaign Against Other Rebel Groups

October 2, 2015

LIVE UPDATES: The Russian Air Force has reportedly struck ISIS-held areas for the first time since bombing began on September 30. However the majority of settlements struck by bombs over the last 24 hours lie outside ISIS-controlled territory. The previous post in our Putin in Syria column can be found here. Russian Major General Lists […]

Syrian Adventure Makes Humanitarian Catastrophe in Russia ‘Inevitable,’ Borovoy Says

September 23, 2015

Staunton, September 22 – Russia faces a humanitarian catastrophe of extraordinary proportions this winter, Konstantin Borovoy says, with many Russians now not simply below the poverty line but at risk of survival, a trend that the Russian government has implicitly acknowledged by introducing ration cards for certain categories of the population. Unless Moscow gets enough […]