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Five Hospitals And Two Schools Hit By Suspected Russian Airstrikes In Syria

February 15, 2016

Live Updates: Three hospitals in rebel-held areas of Syria have been struck this morning, causing heavy civilian casualties. The previous post in our Putin in Syria column can be found here. From Ukraine To Amsterdam To Syria, Vladimir Putin Is Running This Poker Table 2016-02-15 19:37:22 Our latest analysis of Russia’s strategy in Ukraine, Syria, […]

Putin in Syria: Large Blast East Of Russian Airbase In Latakia This Morning

October 15, 2015

LIVE UPDATES: A large blast was reported this morning in the hills east of the Hmeemeem airbase near Jableh, from which Russian jets are conducting operations. Some reports claim the blast was caused by a ballistic missile fired by rebels. Meanwhile the regime has redirected forces to assault rebel-held areas of the Homs province, supported […]

Americans May Lose Russian Rocket Engines

August 28, 2013

The Russian Federation Security Council is deciding the question of prohibiting the export of RD-180 engines to the USA for the Atlas family of rockets. The Atlas rockets have played an important role in several U.S. space missions, especially since the ending of the NASA Space Shuttle Program. Atlas V rockets launched the Mars rover¬†Curiosity¬†into […]