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Marina Litvinenko: “Explain to Me Where the Polonium Came From?”

July 26, 2013

British authorities have classified the documents of the investigation of the murder of Alexander Litvinenko; there will be no public judicial proceeding. Below is an interview with Litvinenko’s wife, Marina. – Ed. The judicial investigation into the case of the death in London in 2006 of Alexander Litvinenko, the former Federal Security Service (FSB) officer, […]

Berezovsky: An Admirer’s View

May 7, 2013

Russian dissident and author Alex Goldfarb, who knew the late Boris Berezovsky, writes about the oligarch’s now-infamous British court case against Roman Abramovich, his Kremlin intrigues, his Chechen peace-making abilities, his patronage of Vladimir Putin, and his love of women. –Ed. What women loved him for, and why Putin didn’t love him; he could reach […]