Director of the Vegetable Warehouse in Biryulyovo Arrested

October 17, 2013
Photo: Alexander Gulyaev / Kommersant

The southern Moscow district of Biryulyovo was the site of race riots after the murder of a Muscovite by a migrant. A wave of protesters descended upon a vegetable warehouse and a nearby shopping center, both of which are often populated by immigrants.

Pro-Kremlin news outlets and nationalist leaders have both been pushing the narrative that the government has not done enough to control immigration or the living and working conditions of migrants. Police and officials have also been accused of taking bribes and sharing in the profit of those who employ immigrants. In response to this criticism, police arrested, and beat, the accused murderer, filming his “perp walk” as the police repeatedly abused him. Now, the police have arrested the people in charge of running the vegetable warehouse. – Ed.

Magomed Churylov, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “New Cheryomushki” JSC, located in Zapadnoye Biryulyovo, has been arrested. The Director of the vegetable processing facility, Aliaskhab Hajiyev, has been put on the federal wanted list. According to Vladimir Markin, Victor Kotelsky, the Director of the agency that provided security at the facility, has also been detained. The management of JSC is accused of employing illegal immigrants. According to the Investigative Committee, the migrants were not only paid wages, but were also provided with a place to stay.

Earlier, Sergei Sobyanin said that the vegetable warehouse in Biryulyovo had been closed and “it’s very unlikely that it will ever open again.” The mayor spoke about the sources of dangerous infections found at the facility, as well as about violations of immigration laws. However, later, LifeNews reporters found out that the base continued to operate and trucks were still being unloaded.

Alexander Bastrykin reported that truck drivers gathered in Biryulyovo because they “do not know what to do with perishable goods.” He said that a document suspending operations for five days has been prepared, and in two days the facility will be closed for good.