US Spy Detained in Moscow Was Under Cover as a Diplomat

May 14, 2013
Фото: Фото ФСБ

Yet another spy scandal is flaring up between the USA and Russia. On the night of May 14, counter-intelligence officers of Russia’s Federal Security Service detained a CIA agent named Ryan Christopher Fogle, who had allegedly attempted to recruit a Russian security service officer. According to the Russian counter-intelligence agency, the U.S. spy had been working under cover, his official job being the third secretary of the political section of the US Embassy to Moscow.

“He had, on his person, special equipment, written instructions for the Russian citizen he was in the middle of recruiting, a large amount of cash and a disguise kit,” Izvestia was told by the Press Center of the Federal Security Service.

The detainee was transported to the holding room at Russia’s Federal Security Service and, following the necessary procedures, turned over to official representatives of the US Embassy.

According to Federal Security Service, the US intelligence service has repeatedly attempted to recruit officers of Russian law-enforcement and specialized agencies; those attempts were being monitored and controlled by the counter-intelligence division with Russia’s Federal Security Service.