Too Warm for the Winter Olympics?

October 28, 2013

The Russian website “Sochi 24” is focusing a lot on weather reports these days, especially since the Winter Olympics, which start in a few short months, are taking place in an area that has been having weather similar to the sub-tropics. Though this forecast is for Moscow, Sochi is actually 1,600 kilometers south of the Russian capital, stations along the Black Sea, all of which means that Sochi’s weather is consistently warmed than Moscow’s.

There is serious concern that there may not be snow, or even freezing weather, much less solidly-frozen ground, by the time of the Olympics. This is one of the reasons why many Russian experts are so concerned about the climate of corruption that allowed the Olympics to be placed in Sochi to begin with. – Ed.

It will be a while before a real winter comes to Moscow. According to weather forecasts, the current relatively warm weather will stay the capital region until mid-November. And the first major accumulations of snow won’t be seen until late November to early December.

According to Igor Klanishena, the director of the “Phobos” weather center, а warming will come on October 24. He said that in October the air will warm up to +10-12C during the day and to +7-9C at night. Meanwhile, precipitation is not ruled out.

In addition, according to forecasts, it’s still plenty of time before winter arrives. The first snowfall won’t happen until the end of November, according to “Rosbalt”. Until then the weather in the metropolitan area will be quite mild.

As reported earlier, on October 24, Moscow will be in the warm sector of the Atlantic cyclone. On Friday, October 25 it will be get even warmer: the overnight lows will be +3-8C above zero, and the maximum temperature during the day is expected to be +7-12C. In the evening, the passage of a cold atmospheric front cyclone will not have a major impact on the weather in the capital region.

“Most of Saturday will be sunny and dry, with temperatures at night from +1C to +6C, and during the day the air will warm up to +6-11C. Only by the end of the day as the warm atmospheric front approaches, there will be an occasional rain,” according to Evgeni Tishkovets, a leading expert at “Phobos” weather center.

According to the weatherman, on Sunday it will be cloudy with heavy rains. The temperature will rise. At night, +4-9C is expected, and during the day +9-14C.