The Media Narrative, the Future of NATO, and the Prospects For Peace in Ukraine

June 11, 2014
Russian-backed separatists of the "Russian Orthodox Army" at a check point in Donetsk on Tuesday [AP]

This week on The Interpreter podcast Boston College Professor Matt Sienkiewicz and Interpreter Magazine’s managing editor James Miller discuss the latest news from Ukraine.

Can Ukraine’s new president broker a peace with Russia? Is Ukraine losing in the east? Are things actually getting worse, not better, despite the media narrative? What is NATO’s role, is NATO stronger or weaker because of this crisis, and does that help or hurt Ukraine? And how do citizen journalists who are documenting this crisis compare to similar efforts in places like Syria or Libya?

Article mentioned in the show:

Straight news from the citizens of Syria: How reporters sort, organize—and verify—a flood of information from a chaotic civil war

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