The Government of Dagestan Has Been Sacked

July 23, 2013
Ramazan Abdulatipov | Photo" RFE/RL

The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic has been dismissed for poor performance. Anatoly Karibov, a former Deputy Prime Minister, has been appointed as an acting Prime Minister.

Acting Governor of Dagestan, Ramadan Abdulatipov, sacked the whole government of the republic, claiming poor performance.

This happened on Monday at a meeting on the socio-economic situation in the Republic of Dagestan.

On Monday, Magomedbekov Ahmedov, the spokesman for the administration, told “Interfax” that Anatoly Karibov, a former Deputy Prime Minister, had been appointed as acting Prime Minister. The current Cabinet members will continue in their capacity until a new government is formed.

Last Friday, at a meeting of the Anti-Terrorist Committee, Abdulatipov also criticized the law enforcement agencies that failed to prevent Dagestani nationals from participation in the Syrian conflict. “We have been discussing efforts to combat terrorism and have achieved some ‘great progress’ in this. We have succeeded in providing extremists to other regions of Russia. And now even beyond our borders. Extremism is the only ‘product’ that we deliver abroad. It’s been propagated through schools, universities, through rural areas. And nobody seems to be responsible – not a teacher, or a school principal, dean or rector, even less so a police officer,” said Abdulatipov at the commission meeting. He added that extremism and terrorism will thrive as long as the society is indifferent to them, until not only the Interior Ministry and the FSB, but the whole law enforcement structure, including the judiciary, get to work.

Andrey Konkin, the FSB regional officer, said at the meeting that currently there are about 200 Dagestanis in Syria, some of them participate in the armed terrorist groups fighting the government of that country. Abdulatipov also specified the districts of the republic, the residents of which are known to be fighting in Syria.

According to Abdulatipov, some young people who are traveling to Syria under the pretext of studying or working, actually join various terrorist organizations. This is especially true of those who have studied in theological schools in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and other countries. The acting head of Dagestan said that from now on, travel passports will not be issued without background checks.

He expressed dissatisfaction with the work of law enforcement agencies in this area. He called unacceptable the term “track” when used by the law enforcement. “They are tracked all the way until they enter the Syrian Arab Republic. Then we ‘track’ their return here. What do we ‘track’ now, how together with international terrorists they kill people?” asked Abdulatipov.