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Minsk 2 Documents Undermine Ukrainian Sovereignty, Illarionov Says

July 13, 2015

Staunton, July 13 – Speaking in Kremenchug this week, Andrey Illarionov said that Ukraine should continue to negotiate in its quest for peace but that it should reject the documents known as Minsk-2 because “the essence of this document is that the Ukrainian authorities are rejecting their sovereignty over the Ukrainian-Russian border.” Moreover, the Russian […]

Ukrainians View the People as Sovereign; Russians Think Putin Is

April 21, 2015

Staunton, April 20 — Ukrainians and Russians differ fundamentally in the source of sovereignty in their countries, with Ukrainians, like citizens of Western democracies, viewing the people as sovereign and with the Russians, like the subjects of autocracies of all kinds, assuming that their supreme leader is, according to a new poll. Irina Bekeshkin, director […]

Defend Ukraine from Russian Aggression First; Then, Insist on Reforms

November 21, 2014

Staunton, November 20 – “September 3, 1939 – British and French commentators and officials said today that it could no longer be denied that Hitler was invading Poland and that the Nazi forces represented the most serious threat to the existence of that country, but they said that Warsaw could not reasonably expect allied assistance […]