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Internet Surveillance Isn’t Outrageous, Data Being For Sale Is

October 23, 2013

Guarantees of privacy and secrecy of correspondence are becoming more elusive. The Federal Security Service (FSB) intends to require providers to install new equipment for comprehensive monitoring of Internet traffic and email correspondence. From the draft joint order by the FSB and the Ministry of Communications, published on the ministry’s website, it is clear that […]

Ministry of Communications takes away Operators’ Frequencies to Build an LTE Network

July 9, 2013

The Ministry of Communications (Mincomsvyaz) intends to withdraw some of the frequencies used by the “Big Four” telecom companies to build a fourth generation network and transfer the frequencies to a newly established state-owned company. Operators are outraged. The Ministry of Communications (Mincomsvyaz) submitted to the Presidential Administration a draft executive order on redistribution of […]