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The Absurdities of Double Toilets and “Sochi Problems”

February 14, 2014

This is the second part of an article published by Lenta.Ru on how foreign journalists perceived the Olympics opening ceremonies (read the first part here). The criticism of the Lenta piece is that some readers believe that many of the quotes from the Western authors have been cherry picked, segments critical of Putin and the […]

What’s the Meaning of the Russian Olympic Games?

February 13, 2014

The problems at the Sochi Olympics are well known, and both the international community and the Russian opposition has been quick to point them out. But for many Russians, even those upset with Putin and Sochi’s corruption, the Olympics also represent a sad lost opportunity. What should be a great event and a sign of […]

Putin Concerned About Non-Olympic Construction in Sochi

February 10, 2014

With the Twitter hashtag “#SochiProblems” trending worldwide, the Russian President is expressing concerns about the state of non-Olympic facilities, facilities that were supposed to ensure that the infrastructure built for the Olympics is properly utilized afterwards. — Ed. Russian President Vladimir Putin is concerned about construction in Sochi that is not related to the Olympic […]

Sochi Liveblog: Beyond the Sports and Broken Hotel Doors

Welcome to The Interpreter’s Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Liveblog. Here, we will be covering the news away from the ski jumps and ice rinks, where activists are being arrested, corruption looms large, and the terrorist threat is very real. See all of our Sochi coverage here, and read Friday’s Sochi Liveblog: The Games Begin. Updates […]