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Sochi: Olympic Opportunities for Law Enforcers

December 17, 2013

This editorial ran in Vedomosti, a Russian business news agency started by the Dow Jones, the Financial Times, and the owners of the Moscow Times. — Ed. The upcoming Olympics in Sochi creates new opportunities for the struggle for political influence and financial flows in the North Caucasus. In addition to the usual news about […]

Arrested Ex-Mayor May be Involved in Murder of Well-Known Dagestan Athlete

July 11, 2013

Investigators do not rule out that Musail Alaudinov could have been killed as a potential witness. In Dagestan there have been new developments in the murder case of Mr. Mussail Alaudinov, a 38-year old well-known athlete and the director of the “Gorets”, a well-known martial arts club. He was murdered on July 9 outside Makhachkala, […]

Amirov’s Attorneys Ask President to Save Him From Death in Prison

June 24, 2013

[In this article, the pro-Kremlin newspaper Izvestia reports on the status of Said Amirov, the ex-mayor of Makhachkala who has been incarcerated on charges of complicity in murder. Amirov’s lawyers have complained that he is being denied necessary medical treatment—Ed.] Defense attorneys acting for Said Amirov— the ex-Mayor of Makhachkala who was charged as an […]

Is Moscow Cleaning up Dagestan?

June 6, 2013

[Russia’s security services have shocked the public by arresting Said Amirov, the Mayor of Makhachkala in the Republic of Dagestan, alleging his involvement in conspiracy to murder and involvement in the narcotics trade, among other serious crimes. Amirov has dominated Dagestani politics for fifteen years, and his arrest has raised questions of whether the state […]