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Kremlin Spokesman Confirms Russian Mercenary “Wagner” Who Fought in Syria Was At Kremlin Awards Ceremony

December 15, 2016

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed that Dmitry Utkin, founder of the Wagner private military company was present at the Kremlin for the Fatherland Heroes’ Day military awards ceremony on December 9, 2016.

Russian Military Intelligence Coordinating Syrian-Iranian Attacks on Rebels, Spying on Israel

October 7, 2014

The Syrian rebels, in what appears to be a joint operation between several Free Syrian Army (FSA) brigades, have captured an important Syrian Army installation overlooking to town of Al Harra (or Tal Harra), in Daraa province (map). The capture of the base would be significant news in and of itself. The base towers above […]

Syrian Chemical Weapons To Be Removed in Russian Armored Vehicles

December 20, 2013

The Director General of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Ahmed Üzümcü, issued a statement saying that Russia will provide a large number of armored trucks to participate in the operation to remove Syrian chemical warfare agents. The operation to transport chemical weapons to the port of Latakia will involve, inter alia, […]