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Kremlin’s ‘Top-5 Propaganda Myths, Fakes, and Stupidities’ of the Week

June 15, 2015

Staunton, June 15 – Today, Dmitry Bukovsky of Kyiv’s Delovaya Stolitsa provides a particularly rich harvest of the Kremlin’s “top propaganda myths, fakes and stupidities” of the last week, a collection that simultaneously shows how duplicitous and foolish Moscow commentaries are and how skeptical everyone should be about them. The five are the following: 1. […]

Putin and the Pope: The Meeting Was Brief…

December 3, 2013

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin traveled to the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis. The Russian media saw the event as a public relations victory, and played up the fact that the Pope would meet Putin for an entire hour. The meeting was shorter than expected, and mainly because Putin was caught up in […]