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A Double Baker’s Dozen of Neglected Russian Stories – No. 23

March 8, 2016

A Double Baker’s Dozen of Neglected Russian Stories – No. 23 2016-03-08 02:14:25 Staunton, VA, February 19, 2016 – The flood of news stories from a country as large, diverse and strange as the Russian Federation often appears to be is far too large for anyone to keep up with. But there needs to be a way […]

Russia Update: Ministry of Culture Plans Draft Law to Collect ‘Internet Tax’ to Pay Copyright Holders

February 24, 2015

Welcome to our column, Russia Update, where we will be closely following day-to-day developments in Russia, including the Russian government’s foreign and domestic policies. The previous issue is here, and see also our Russia This Week stories Ultranationalists Angry over ‘Capitulation’ of Minsk Agreement, ‘Anti-Maidan’ Launched by Nationalists, Cossacks, Veterans, Bikers, The Guild War – […]

“The Apocalypse Cannot Happen on a Local Level, but the Patriarch Knows Better”

July 22, 2013

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) associated legalization of same-sex marriage to the coming apocalypse. According to the Western media, such statements aim to divert people’s attention from the problems Russia faces. Those who spoke to “Kommersant FM” are puzzled by the Patriarch’s position. A campaign against gays launched in Russia is kind […]