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Ukraine Liveblog Day 124: Russia On ‘Full Combat Alert’

June 21, 2014

Yesterday’s liveblog can be found here. For an overview and analysis of this developing story see our latest podcast. Please help The Interpreter to continue providing this valuable information service by making a donation towards our costs. For links to individual updates click on the timestamps. Below we will be making regular updates. Be sure […]

Can Kiev Regain Control of Eastern Ukraine, And Its Own Military?

April 21, 2014

When professional and well trained “little green men” invaded Crimea, they displayed the vast disparity in capabilities between Ukraine’s underfunded, poorly maintained and improperly led military, with Russia’s new-found confidence, the result of its modernizatsiia efforts. The Russian troops were well equipped, well trained and most importantly, well led–Putin in fact finally admitted that the […]