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Putin Cleverly Exploits Three Weaknesses of the West

September 23, 2014

Staunton, September 20 – Vladimir Putin appears stronger than he is because he is exploiting three weaknesses of the West: confusion among journalists of balance and objectivity, a desire to get a ceasefire rather than to repulse aggression, and a lack of will to punish Moscow politically and not just economically. The Kremlin leader’s clever […]

The Battle For Truth In Eastern Ukraine: Interpreter Podcast

April 30, 2014

This week, Boston College Professor Matt Sienkiewicz and Interpreter Magazine’s managing editor James Miller discuss the latest news from eastern Ukraine, and how media narratives play a role in what happens next. How does The Interpreter work to sort truth from fiction and help combat Russia’s disinformation campaigns? See our Ukraine front page for the […]

Politkovskaya murder trial must be open

May 31, 2013

[On June 3, the second trial of suspects in the murder of the muck-raking journalist, Anna Politkovskaya, will commence in the Moscow City Court. Politkovskaya, who was famous for her critical stance towards the Putin government—particularly its conduct in Chechnya—was gunned down in her apartment building in October 2006. Novaya Gazeta, the paper for which […]