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The Interior Ministry Initiates Criminal Proceedings Against Bloodhound Gang

August 5, 2013

In response to the “desecration” of the Russian national flag by the American rock band the Bloodhound Gang during a performance in Ukraine, Russia’s Interior Ministry (MVD) is seeking to file criminal charges and try the band’s bassist under Article 329 of the Russian Criminal Code. However, the band and the member under question are […]

Viktor Zolotov Appointed Deputy Commander of Interior Forces

July 9, 2013

The chief of President Vladimir Putin’s security service will transfer in the coming days to a high post in the Interior Ministry. According to Izvestiya’s sources in the Kremlin, the head of state has already signed a decree appointing 59-year old Viktor Zolotov to the post of deputy commander-in-chief of the Interior Ministry’s internal troops. […]

What Edward Snowden Can Expect Under Russian Law

June 28, 2013

Former NSA employee Edward Snowden, who remains in the transit area at Sheremetyevo Airport, could remain there indefinitely, even as the US attempts to have him extradited for the disclosure of information about government surveillance of electronic communications. This matter is regulated in Russia under Art. 31 of the Law on Entry and Exit. According […]