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Putin’s Wars Already Costing Russia Nearly US $100 Billion a Year, Illarionov Says

October 14, 2015

Staunton, October 11 – Estimating the real costs, direct and indirect, of a military conflict is always difficult because so many factors need to be considered, but Moscow economist Andrey Illarionov says that even if one ignores direct human and property losses, Vladimir Putin’s wars are currently costing Russia approximately US $94 billion every year. […]

Selling the Family Jewels

March 13, 2015

Among Boris Nemtsov’s many charges against Vladimir Putin was the often voiced complaint that Putin was selling off valuable Russian assets to China at bargain basement prices. Recent events only confirm Nemtsov’s apprehensions which were not unique to him but are often voiced across the spectrum of Russian political literature. The increasingly visible selling off […]