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Shoigu Says Russia Prevented NATO Missile Strikes in Syria, Even as Russia Asks for Permission to Send Missiles Over Iran, Iraq

August 15, 2016

Russian Defense MInister Sergei Shogu has claimed that Russia’s actions prevent NATO from striking Syria with 624 cruise missiles, even as Russia asked Iran and Iraq for permission to send cruise missiles over their territories.

Not One CIS Leader Spoke Out in Favor of Putin’s Bombing Campaign in Syria

October 19, 2015

Staunton, October 19 – In an indication of Vladimir Putin’s isolation even in the former Soviet space and of the weakness of the CIS as an institution, not a single president of a member state publicly supported the Kremlin leader’s bombing campaign in Syria at the CIS summit in Kazakhstan, Arkady Dubnov notes. The Russian […]

Russia and Iran to Conduct Joint Naval Exercises on the Caspian Sea

Staunton, October 16 – Having already shown its contempt for the other Caspian littoral states by launching cruise missiles from its squadron on that sea, Moscow will be conducting joint naval exercises with Iran, again apparently without consulting Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan or Turkmenistan, according to Iran’s Fars news agency. Ahmad Reza Baqeri, an Iranian naval captain, […]