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Moscow Worried Its ‘Federalization’ Campaign in Ukraine is Spreading to Siberia, Loskutov Says

August 10, 2014

Staunton, August 8 – Moscow has moved to block the March for the Federalization of Siberia because of its fears that its own “federalization” campaign in Ukraine will provoke similar demands inside the Russian Federation, but even if the march is blocked, it has already achieved its goal by sparking Russian discussions of federalism, Artyom […]

Moscow Blocks Siberian Message on One Site Only to Have It Appear on Another

August 3, 2014

Staunton, August 2 – On August 1, the Russian government forced Slon.ru to remove an interview with a leader of the Siberian regionalist movement only to have it appear on other sites almost instantly. On the one hand, the ban reflects Moscow’s nervousness about the announcement of plans by Siberian regionalists to hold “a march […]

Artist Accused of Insulting Religious Feelings

June 5, 2013

[Enhanced laws punishing individuals for offenses to religious feeling are being employed against artist Artyom Loskutov, who has been brought up on similar charges several times before for the content of his art. Kommersant reports on his latest offense.–Ed.] Artyom Loskutov, an artist from Novosibirsk known for organizing “Monstration” street art shows, is involved in […]