Russians Involved in the Fake Elections in Eastern Ukraine

November 17, 2014
Russian-backed fighters voting in elections staged by the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic" November 2, 2014. Photo by AP

Vienna, Austria November 13, 2014

Most Members of Russia’s ‘Election Monitoring’ NGO Were Member’s of Russia’s Parliament

According to the article “Ukraine Tensions Rise as U.S., EU Weigh More Sanctions” published by Bloomberg
on November 13, 2014, officials from the EU and U.S. meeting in Brussels
“will weigh further sanctions against Russia’s economy and Ukrainian
separatists, after the reported movement of tanks, artillery and combat
troops into eastern Ukraine.”

Moreover, “the likeliest first step, they said, is to blacklist Ukrainian separatists and Russians involved in the Nov. 2 elections in eastern regions, which the Ukrainian government considers illegitimate.”

I have already posted the list of “election monitors” who travelled to Eastern Ukraine (illegally) and to neighboring Russian regions to “observe” fake elections for the “Donetsk People’s Republic” and “Lugansk People’s Republic”. The list, to which I refer, is not complete,
but this is the most complete list of fake “observers” available today.
In this post, I will provide more information on the Russians who were
involved in organising the “observation mission” in the Donbass and
participated in it.

Who Organized the “Observation Mission”?

From the Russian side, the main group that was involved in organizing the “observation mission” is the Moscow-based “Civic Control” Association. “Civic Control” is what can be called a “GONGO“,
i.e. a “government organized non-governmental organization,” as the
groups that compose this association are loyal to the Kremlin, while the
key figures in the management of the association are members of – or,
at least, closely associated with – the Russian parliament and the Civic
Chamber of the Russian Federation.

The co-chair of the “Civic Control”, who was directly involved in organizing the “observation mission,” is Aleksandr Brod, director of the “Moscow Bureau for Human Rights.” He also participated in the “observation mission” himself.


Aleksandr Semyonovich Brod (Александр Семенович Брод), born on  August 19, 1969.

Georgiy Fyodorov, executive director of “Civic Control,” was also
involved in organizing the “observation mission”, although I cannot
confirm that he traveled to the Donbass himself.


Georgiy Vladimirovich Fyodorov (Георгий Владимирович Фeдоров), born on May 7, 1973. A member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation.

Who Participated in the “Observation Mission”?

Apart from Brod, the following Russian citizens took part in the “observation mission” in Eastern Ukraine:


Mikhail Vasilievich Bryachak (Михаил Васильевич Брячак), born on April 6, 1957. MP, a member of the Just Russia (Spravedlivaya Rossiya) parliamentary group


Aleksey Nikolaevich Didenko (Алексей Николаевич Диденко), born on  March 30, 1983. MP, a member of the Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia’s parliamentary group.


Nikolay Vasilievich Kolomeytsev (Николай Васильевич Коломейцев), born on September 1, 1956. MP, a member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation parliamentary group


Oleg Vladimirovich Pakholkov (Олег Владимирович Пахолков), born on September 23, 1971. MP, a member of the Just Russia (Spravedlivaya Rossiya) parliamentary group


Vladimir Romanovich Rodin (Владимир Романович Родин), born on January 12, 1953. MP, a member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation parliamentary group.


Leonid Eduardovich Slutskiy (Леонид Эдуардович Слуцкий), born on  January 4, 1968. MP, a member of the Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia parliamentary group.


Galina Valentinovna Yartseva (Галина Валентиновна Ярцева), born on July 25, 1963. Editor of Russkiy Karavan.


Aleksandr Andreevich Yushchenko (Александр Андреевич Ющенко), born on November 19, 1969. A member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.


Aleksey Aleksandrovich Zhuravlyov (Алексей Александрович Журавлев), born on June 30, 1962. MP, chair of the Motherland (Rodina) party, a member of the United Russia parliamentary group

EU and US officials who consider further sanctions against Russia may be interested in the above-listed individuals.