Russia Update: Protesters Stone Turkish Embassy In Moscow

November 25, 2015
Photo: Filipp Kireyev / Moslenta

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Protesters Stone Turkish Embassy In Moscow

Protesters have attacked the Turkish embassy in Moscow, pelting the building with stones and eggs following yesterday’s downing of a Russian bomber by Turkish jet fighters.

Filipp Kireyev reports on Ilya Varlamov’s Moslenta site that windows were broken during the protest. 




Kireyev’s photos show placards carrying slogans such as “Russia is for peace,” “Shame on Turkey,” “a Turkish stab in the back” and “Turkey is an assistant to terrorists.”


No arrests or attempts to intervene were made by police, he said.

“It appears that the guys just arrived and smashed everything, but no one was ever arrested.”

The Moscow police press office confirmed to Moslenta that no reports of arrests outside the embassy had been received.

At the time of the report being filed, Kireyev said, police were finally trying to close off access to the embassy.

Video from state propaganda broadcaster RT showed police moving barriers as a clean-up began: 

— Pierre Vaux