AM News: Putin ‘Hopeful’ About Trump; Moscow Court Upholds Ban on LinkedIn

November 11, 2016
New recruits to the Russian Youth Army (Yunarmiya) sworn in at a ceremony in Tula. Photo by

LIVE UPDATES: President Vladimir Putin is “hopeful” about the presidency of Donald Trump bringing improved relations; a Moscow court ruled to block the professional networking site LinkedIn for refusing to place servers with Russian customer data on Russian soil.

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AM News: Putin ‘Hopeful’ About Trump; Moscow Court Upholds Ban on LinkedIn

The ruble is trading at 65.80 to the dollar and 71.38 to the euro. Brent crude is selling for $44.74 per barrel. 

The following news items were taken from Washington Post, Regnum, AP, Lenta, Meduza, Ekho Moskvy, Russia Beyond the Headlines, Gazeta.

– Obama Directs Pentagon to Target Al-Qaeda Affiliate in Syria, One of the Most Formidable Forces Fighting Assad

– MP From Zhirinovsky’s Party Submits Draft Law on Abolishing Early Voting After Seeing US Elections

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