US Accuses Russia of Violating Arms Treaty; Feminists Detained at Protests in Moscow and St. Petersburg

March 8, 2017
Russian feminists unfurled a banner, 'Down with 200 Years of Men in Power' by the Kremlin on March 8, 2017, International Women's Day. The last of five Russian women rulers, Catherine the Great died in 1796. Photo by Novaya Gazeta

Live Updates: Russian feminists were detained briefly at protests by the Kremlin in Moscow and in St. Petersburg.

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US Accuses Russia of Violating Arms Treaty; Feminists Detained at Protests in Moscow and St. Petersburg

The ruble is trading at 58.91 to the dollar and 62.10 to the euro. Brent crude is selling for $53.20 per barrel. 

The following news items have been taken from Novaya Gazeta, Interfax, Grani, Gazeta and Guardian.

– Russia Missile Violates ‘Spirit and Intent’ of Arms Treaty, Top US General Says

– State Department Accuses Russia of Violation INF Treaty

– Rogozin Calls for Rejecting Leases of Foreign Airplanes

– Police Shoots His Fellow Officers in Dagestan

– Feminists Detained Briefly for Demonstrating By Kremlin in Moscow and in St. Petersburg; Feminists Occupy Kremlin

– Vyacheslav Varchuk Deputy Commander of Interior Ministry’s Internal Troops Arrested on Charges of Bribe-Taking

– Russian Censor Blocks Site with Book by Felshtinsky and Litvinenko, ‘Blowing Up Russia’

– Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry Official Rogachev Claims Militants in Donbas Found Stockpiled Soviet Weapons ‘in Mine Shafts’; No Comment on Modern Russian Weaponry Found in Ukraine

– Put Promises Pay Raise for Doctors up to 200% of Average Ways by 2018

– Putin Claims Success in Demographic Programs

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Translation: Happy March 8, you say? What do you take me for, a Communist?

— Catherine A. Fitzpatrick